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15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 8:06 am

We all love our mothers but boy; we have to admit that they sometimes bother us with their old-fashioned approach towards life. Some mothers try so hard to look and sound like a modern-day woman, and that's a bit of a problem as well. They do every awkward and weird thing they can do just to get that 'cool mommy' tag! It can be embarrassing to their kids, but again, moms are moms, and we all love them no matter what! 
Moms aren't particularly good at technology, and most of them are still struggling to adapt to it. They have their smartphones, laptops, and other tech gadgets, but they may not know how to use them properly. They are on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, but at times, they post some really weird messages and status updates there. Sometimes they send funny text messages as well, mostly because of an autocorrect fail or their inability to understand the urban lingo. 
Read these fifteen hilarious text messages from moms, and we bet you will laugh hysterically after reading them.
1.Mom and Her Mother!

"Dam Autocorrect!" – How many times we keep telling this to ourselves? What if moms deliver an autocorrect blunder, that too, to their moms? Here's a mommy who texted her mommy a terrible message! She was asking if his son was sleeping in her grandmother's ass! Well, that was hilarious! Good thing is that grandma sounds like she is well aware of typos caused by auto-correct!

Mom and Her Mother!-15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom

2.New Kind of Accessories for iPads

A mom does it again! In fact, the autocorrect does it again. Here in this picture, you can see a mom asking her daughter if she wants some accessories for her iPad. She was asking if her daughter wants accessories, because of an autocorrect failure! Damn, you autocorrect! Nevertheless, this is very funny.

New Kind of Accessories for iPads-15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom

3.This Mom Who Keeps Forgetting Things

Last time it was her dad, and this time it's her turn! This mom who keeps forgetting things forgot her daughter at Walmart! She didn't even remember she brought her daughter to Walmart even after reading her message. Apparently she thinks her daughter is at home. It's hilarious, and we are happy that this ended well.

This Mom Who Keeps Forgetting Things-15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom

4.This Mom Who's Clearly Not into Online Slang

Well, this is one of the funniest mom's texts. This mom is clearly not into online slang, and asked her son to explain. Her son did explain that stuff, but the lady didn't get it! We guess even her daughter will give her the same answer. How many people can she ask this question before she gets tired of it, or before someone explain her about it clearly in detail?

This Mom Who's Clearly Not into Online Slang-15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom

5.That Was Cruel Indeed

This mom clearly knows how to deal with her children! Though she may sound like she is little rude, her son or daughter whoever we see texting in this message totally deserves this! Oh boy, isn't she really cool? The conversations between intelligent moms and dumb children are always hilarious. We also feel sorry for that guy or girl who believed he or she is getting a car next month!

That Was Cruel Indeed-15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom

6.Wow That's Fantastic!

There you go, folks! This mom has given us an all new meaning for WTF! Apparently, she thinks WTF stands for 'wow that's fantastic'. Who TF told this thing to her? We believe she might be mistakenly using WTF from quite a bit of time. Imagine her replying WTF, when someone says his cancer got cured and he's totally fine! 

Wow That's Fantastic!-15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom

7.This Rapper Mom

This mom has got some good sense of humor, and seems to have great touch in music! The way she made a song out of a condom she found in her daughter's room was amazing! Moms usually go mad about it, or some moms hardly care at all. This mom here is little different! We wonder what the reaction of the girl would be like!

This Rapper Mom-15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom


8.Someone's Dead, LOL!

This mom sounds like she was truly horrified when she came to know the online slang she was using doesn't really mean what she thought! Apparently, this lady thinks LOL stands for 'lots of love'. When her son corrected her, she nearly got a heart-attack. Imagine what people think of this lady when they read her LOL messages!

Someone's Dead, LOL!-15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom

9.Troll Mom Strikes Again

This mom too got some brains! She perfectly trolled her daughter's boyfriend, and made him tell what the couple is up to these days. That guy must have had his heart in his mouth for a minute, after knowing he spoke to his girlfriend's mom, but not to her. As the lady says, she will talk to that guy's mom; we only believe they might have known to each other. Well, the couple clearly got screwed!

Troll Mom Strikes Again-15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom


10.Meet This Clueless Mom

Well, we are short of words to describe this! If her daughter left her phone at home, how can she even reply to her? She is clearly clueless. We believe we shouldn't laugh at this (sensing a strong case of retardation), but it's too hard to do it! Feel pity or laugh hard at this mom; it's completely up to your personal choice!

Meet This Clueless Mom-15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom

11.When Typos Turn into Excellent Ideas

It is clearly a typo, which otherwise would have been a sexcellent idea to beat the crap out of sickness. Check this mom who typed mistake of the millennium just when she shouldn't. The best part comes when this mother actually asks her daughter not to tell this thing to his dad! That was more hilarious than the typo!

When Typos Turn into Excellent Ideas-15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom

12.How They Think He is a Gay When He is Actually Not?

What's more shocking for this guy is that their parents actually think he's gay when he's actually not. He says he's not gay! This must be totally embarrassing to him. It looks like his mother is not hundred percent convinced about her son's reply! She told they continue to love him no matter what kind of 'coming out' he does.

How They Think He is a Gay When He is Actually Not?-15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom

13.Epic Autocorrect Fail

If we have to give awards to most epic auto-correct fails, this text would get a lifetime achievement award! We see two jokes here! One, the funny 'Asus' joke, and the other is when the mom failed to identify the face and thinks it may be Kim Jong II's! How the heck does Kim Jong II made into this text? Keep laughing, we know you will laugh hard at this!

Epic Autocorrect Fail-15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom

14.Not So Geeky Mom

Moms aren't usually geeky, except a few. This picture will tell you how most mums struggle to adapt to technology. This is funny, and the son or daughter really sound like they are tired of seeing the image again and again. In the end, he or she passed a fake complement just to end the mess there. This is super funny, right?

Not So Geeky Mom-15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom

15.Another Mom Who Doesn't Quite Understand Technology

Dear mom,
If your messages aren't getting through, there's no way your son can reply you back. Asking a question like this will make you look dumb, and there are people who may totally laugh at you for this epic text! 
And yes folks, people like these exist!

Another Mom Who Doesn't Quite Understand Technology-15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom


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