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15 Racist Jokes That Are Ridiculously Hilarious

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 1:01 pm

Racist jokes are everywhere, Every social networking site on the internet has some racist people on it making fun of each other. Racism is not just limited to a particular race. It's stereotyping a person based on his/her birth place or ethnicity, and it can apply to anyone, We all have been a victim of racism one or the other way once in our life. So, It's time to read some hilarious racist jokes. Remember, reading and laughing at these jokes doesn't make you a racist, but if you go out in public and make fun of people on their race then you most definitely are a racist. So DO NOT note down these jokes to laugh at other people and get arrested. This is a collection of funny racist jokes, which means, you are going to find jokes on almost all races! It's not specifically a black thing, a white thing or a Jew thing. These jokes are hilarious, though. Have fun reading some of the best offensive race jokes we could find on the internet.
1.The Most Confusing Day In A Ghetto?

What's the most confusing day in a Ghetto? 
-Father's Day!

The Most Confusing Day In A Ghetto?-15 Racist Jokes That Are Ridiculously Hilarious

2.What Is Commonly Found In Cells?

Failed my biology test today: 
They asked, "What is commonly found in cells?" Apparently "black people" wasn't the correct answer.

What Is Commonly Found In Cells?-15 Racist Jokes That Are Ridiculously Hilarious

3.What Do You Call?

What do you call 500 white guys jumping out of a plane?

What Do You Call?-15 Racist Jokes That Are Ridiculously Hilarious

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