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Best "that Awkward Moment" Memes

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 6:54 pm

1.It even shames a polar bear

Hey we have all been there at some point in our lives. You are sitting with your parents and enjoying the movie before two of the characters start getting their groove on and getting a little bit frisky. What do you do? Look away? Nah too obvious. Start chatting? Too obvious, Get excited? You better not!!

2.The scary eyes

Yes you have to admit it now. Admit that you have been going onto those sites once again. It was the cat that caught you on this occasion and neither of us are happy with you. Do you feel ashamed yet?

3.Now this would be awkward

This is the kind of conversation that you would never want to have with your mom because it then tells you something about her that you wish you never knew. You just hope and pray that she never sees this image for your sake.

4.You look uncomfortable

Well how uncomfortable does this guy look at getting a cuddle from the tall Asian dude? You just know that he would rather be doing anything else other than this and he is desperate to get away, but he is trapped and thanks to the Internet his hatred of a hug is known around the world.

5.Photoshop gone wrong

If you are going to alter your photograph in order to post it online the one thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have finished the job. Imagine doing something as obvious as enlarging your boobs, but only doing one. What kind of strange cosmetic surgery did you have done??

6.AAAHHHH hairy arms!!!

This is one of those photographs where you find yourself giving it a second glance when you first set eyes on it because it is certainly deceiving and you would think that this girl had the hairiest arm in the world. Surely somebody would say something to her?

7.Classic photobomb

Imagine taking this photograph and suddenly discovering that Daniel Craig is indeed photo bombing you. Is it awkward? Is it cool? What the hell does he look like with that moustache??


8.Holding hands is for kids!!

There they are, skipping along without a care in the world, holding hands and just happy at being together, then you stop and realize that it is no longer a private moment. What do you do? Act normal, do not panic, oh and stop holding hands.

9.The kidnapper

You have to admit that this meme does manage to sum up this photograph perfectly and the only way it could be better is if it had shown Miley as she is now rather than with her still wholesome image. OK the other girl is in tears due to her being so happy to meet her, but it would not surprise you if a ransom was indeed included.


10.The difference money makes

This really does show the difference that money can make to a person because there is no way that you would have said the two of them were the same age. OK so there are times when Madonna can look very scary indeed, but even on a bad day she still looks younger than good old Alevtina.

11.Awkward paw

This is the kind of holiday snap where you think that it is going to look brilliant at the time and cannot wait to see it when you get home only to recoil in horror at what you see. OK so it is the paw of the dog, but no wonder the guy has such a smile on his face.



This photograph really does show how things can be poles apart because how could you get two sets of boobs that could look any more different than these two? You just know that the smaller girl will have times where she is insanely jealous.


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