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Edible Insects

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 8:45 pm

1.Sago Grub

This is a snack in both Indonesia as well as Malaysia, but how anybody can see it as a snack is a mystery. There is no way that they can look appealing in any shape or form and you would surely be able to find something so much tastier to eat than this? It does not matter how you cook them as they will still be disgusting.


They say that a mealworm tastes like a nutty shrimp, but that is just a strange thing to say when you should not be eating it if you have any sense. You can do all kinds of things with a mealworm such as boil it, fry it, or even roast it, but surely the best thing is to leave it alone and get something normal to eat like normal people do.


A locust is perhaps one of the most widely eaten insects, although that does not make them tasty, as you will see them for sale in a whole host of countries around the world. This insect does also appear in the Bible, where it states you can eat them, but that should still not be used as an excuse for eating something that does in actual fact look disgusting. Eat them fried in order to enhance the flavor, or avoid them at all costs if you have any sense.


This is quite a cool looking guy, so what makes you want to then go ahead and eat him? Some people argue that they taste like shrimp, but if you want to have that taste, then perhaps just stick with shrimp? Apparently the best way to eat him is by frying him, but overall the best thing to do is to think of another food source rather than this guy.


If you travel to Mexico, then you are going to be given the opportunity to eat this little guy covered in chile and lime. It is said that they are high in both protein as well as calcium, but then do you want to find out how much calcium they have? This really is not for those with a weak stomach.

6.Dung Beetle

A dung beetle sounds horrible even by name, so imagine what it must be like to eat it. The surprising thing is that so many people actually say that it is quite tasty, although it depends how you define tasty, and apparently it is also better when it is fried. Do you just eat them on their own or are you better to have a side dish to go with your dung beetle?


If you look at this how do you then think it is going to be a worthwhile snack? This is actually quite popular in both China and Indonesia, which may not be a real shock to the system, and they will eat them either boiled or fried. Surely there cannot be a lot of eating in them and do you have the wings as well? It just looks so complicated.



Crickets are a delicacy in different parts of Asia where they are fried, boiled, or anything else that you care to imagine. For some reason they are also popular in parts of Mexico, but why anybody would ever want to eat this particular insect is an absolute mystery. They just do not look appealing at all, so imagine a plate of them just sitting there waiting for you.


A cockroach is very flexible in that you can toast them, fry them, have them sauteed, or even boiled, but that does not take away the fact that it is still a cockroach. Apparently one type, called the Madagascar Hissing cockroach, tastes like chicken, but whether that is true or not is clearly up for debate. You generally just want to kill a cockroach and not eat it, so why you would go and cook it is a mystery.



How can you look at this insect and think that it must be tasty? There is no sane person that could ever think that, but there are a number of people that swear about how good it is and how it will tease your taste buds. You need to wait for them to mature in age first, although why would you be in a rush? They are apparently very tender and absolutely delicious, but there is still that need to look past what it actually is before you can put it in your mouth.


Do you see a centipede here or do you see a tasty snack? Like most people you will see an insect, but in a lot of Asian countries this is a treat. Apparently the Chinese in particular love them and it is common to see a whole host of them on sticks at little street stalls just waiting for you to buy them like you are picking up a hot dog. You would probably prefer the hot dog.


12.Bee larvae

OK you might love honey and nectar, but how about giving the actual bee larvae a go? The theory here is that they only eat and produce stuff that we like ourselves, but there is something quite strange about going ahead and eating that larvae, but apparently if they are sauteed in butter they taste a bit like bacon, but that is a theory that you might want to avoid checking out.

13.Bamboo Worm

The bamboo worm is classed as a delicacy in the likes of Thailand where they will tend to fry them and season them to make what they believe to be a delicious meal. However, they do not look appetizing at all and it has to be a brave person that would contemplate giving them a go no matter how many nutrients or whatever they have in them.

14.Honeypot Ants

Apparently honeypot ants are a favorite food for the Aborigines in Australia where they will dig them up and munch on them like popcorn. You can understand how they get their name due to that bulge on their back and in that kind of bulb is apparently a liquid that tastes a bit like nectar. However, it is still an ant, so it is a tough thing to eat.

15.Agave worm

This is the insect that appears in the bottom of some bottles of Tequila and he is actually edible. Apparently they are very high in nutrients and in Mexico they form a normal part of a snack, but for most of us the closest we will get is in that bottle and that is where they will stay without being eaten.


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