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Hungover At Work Signs

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 5:10 pm

1.Loud Noises Freak You Out

Any sounds derails you. Your head pounds if a door is slammed, a phone rings or someone calls your name. Your high pitched co-worker's voice is piercing your ears by just talking in the next cubicle. Why are you ears so sensitive? It's not your ears that can't take the noise, it's your alcohol soaked brain.

2.Your Breath Stinks

Booze leaves a distinct scent on your breath that no amount of toothpaste or mouthwash can cover. Keep your face away from others if you don't want anyone to know. Depending on how much you've drank, the smell can permeate your pores. Stick to yourself today, eat to soak up the alcohol, and chew some gum.

3.You Feel Overwhelmed

Things you do everyday at work begin to mount and overwhelm you. It seems like you can't handle anything correctly, and mistakes begin to happen. The phones are ringing, your boss is demanding, you're trying to drink some coffee to wake up your brain. The question is ... was it worth it?

4.You Have A Headache That Won't Quit

Your head is pounding but you have to get the presentation together. Why won't the pounding stop, you wonder? You've taken aspirin, but it just keeps throbbing. You promise you'll never drink again, but for now you ask for relief so you can get your work done. Will you really stick to your promise if your wish is granted?

5.You're Irritable

You can't help your mood swings. You're feeling miserable, and it only takes a tiny thing to tick you off today. It is best if you avoid your co-workers or subordinates, and especially your boss. This is a day to make your cubicle a no socialization zone, just for today.

6.You Eat A Burger For Breakfast

Nothing can satisfy your appetite after a night of drinking. You need something to soak up all that alcohol. A nice giant bun should do the trick, but you want some grease and fat too, your body craves it. The salt in the burger, the pickles and the condiments helps you feel better too, but after feeling good for that moment, you start to feel even worse as the salt dehydrates you and the burger just sits heavy in your stomach.

7.Your Head Is In The Toilet Most Of The Day

You showed up for work, that should count as something right? Well, it doesn't if you spend the day with your head in the toilet. But, what choice do you have if you feel like you're going to hurl your breakfast at any minute. Better in the toilet than on your desk. At least you're considerate.


8.Unsteady Hands

Hands shaky? Yep, sure sign of alcohol leaving your body. Yeah, I bet you thought it was gone last night, but sure enough there's still some lurking in your body, hanging on tightly, causing you to tremble and your hands to shake. You're best bet, give a fist pump instead of a handshake.

9.Bloodshot Eyes

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, if that's true then bloodshot eyes are the window to your night before. You wonder what exactly you did last night to cause your eyes to be so red, maybe it was from being up too late, maybe all that dancing on the bar, who knows, but all you want to do is hide it behind a pair of glasses.


10.Disheveled Look

You tried to pull yourself together, but of course you were late for work. Your look definitely suffers, and it doesn't go unnoticed. Maybe you didn't have time to wash your hair because you snoozed your alarm one too many times, heck, maybe you didn't even have time to brush it.

11.A Ton of Empty Coffee Cups On Your Desk

There's not enough coffee in the world, to get you going this morning. Cup after cup is just making you have to pee, but you still feel just as sluggish as when you woke up this morning. But you keep trying. You've tried every flavor in the corporate kitchen, now the only thing left is pure black expresso, double shot.


12.Napping At Your Desk

One too many drinks leads to a late night out, and a sleepy day at work. Anything makes a good pillow when you're this tired, as long as you can rest your head. You tell yourself you'll just close your eyes for a few minutes, but an hour later there's drool on your desk, as your boss taps you on the shoulder.


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