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12 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 4:32 pm

Who says nature can't express itself? It can. Be it a human being, an animal, bird, flower, hill, lake, or even a piece of rock, every earthly creation irrespective of its type is a standing testimony of Mother Nature's greatness. Flowers are unquestionably one of the most beautiful forms of life on Earth. The delicate, vibrant, and aromatic pieces of a plant tell a thousand tales about the planet's biodiversity. Do you know that there are more than 400,000 species of flowering plants on the earth? Not all of them look cute, though. We have picked 12 flowers that we think are the prettiest in the world. Have a look at them now.

Rose is often considered the king of flowers in many countries. It is certainly the most popular member of the flowering plant family. There are over a 100 species of roses cultivated around the world. Roses are available in more than 20 different colors and shades, ranging from dark red to white. They are mostly used for ornamental and decorative purposes. Roses look gorgeous, but they are much more than just visually attractive flowers. As you may know, rose perfume is popular all over the world. Rose water or oil, extracted from rose petals, has cosmetic, medicinal, and edible uses. The whole flower including its hip is useful in one or the other way. 

Rose-12 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World


Tulips are graceful flowers, and unsurprisingly they are one of the most loved and admired flowers in the world. One can find tulips in many colors.  They were once the most expensive flowers in the world. Tulips are native to Central Asian countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc. They became popular only when they spread to Netherlands. As you may know, Netherlands is the world's leading exporter of tulips, producing over 3 billion flowers a year. Tulips are edible flowers. One can use tulip petals as an alternative to onions in cooking. 

Tulips-12 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World


With over 6000 subspecies, orchids are one of the two largest flowering plant families in the world. Orchids grow everywhere on this planet, except in cold regions of Russia, Canada, and Greenland. The horticulturists have produced more than 100,000 hybrid orchid varieties. The Orchidaceae family is highly diverse; no two orchid flowers look the same in terms of their shape, size, and color. It is known for having some weird flowers like bee orchids as members. As you may know, bee orchid flowers resemble female bees. They attract male bees and use them as pollinators.

Orchids-12 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World


Nelumbo Nucifera, commonly known lotus or sacred lotus, is an aquatic flowering plant native to Tropical Asia and Queensland, Australia. Lotus is unquestionably one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. It has great cultural and religious significance in countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. People who practice Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, consider the flower sacred. Lotus is the national flower of India and Egypt. The root part of the flower is edible, and it has high nutritional value. People from parts of India and other Tropical Asian countries make mouth-watering delicacies using lotus root.

Lotus-12 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

5.Dianthus (Carnations)

Carnations are beautiful, and they rightly deserve a spot on this topic. The flower's actual name is Dianthus, and the informal term carnation has its roots in the ancient Greek culture. Greeks heavily used carnations in their coronation and other royal ceremonies. Carnations are vivid and have unique dual color patterns. The edges of the flower petals usually have vibrant reds as opposed to the lighter color on the rest of the area. Carnations are available in numerous colors and color patterns. One can easily change the color of the flowers by dipping them in water mixed with food color. Another interesting thing about the flowers is that they are edible.

Dianthus (Carnations)-12 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World


Chrysanthemum belongs to the Asteraceae flowering plant family, and it is the largest plant species with a countless number of sub-varieties. The chrysanthemum is the most recognizable flower of the Asteraceae group. It is beautiful, and the most popular and readily available flower throughout the world. Florists love this flower because of its longevity. Chrysanthemum is native to Asia and Western Europe. It has several medicinal benefits. People from many Asian countries boil the flowers to make a health drink. They call it chrysanthemum tea, and it is very popular in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Chrysanthemum-12 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

7.King Protea

King Protea is a unique flower, and it certainly looks alien to our planet. Nonetheless, it looks pretty, and that is the reason why we featured it on the topic. King Protea or simply Protea is a native South African flower that is known for its large size and slightly strange appearance. The bowl-like flower produces a good amount of nectar, and it attracts even bigger birds. King Protea is the national flower of South Africa. You can find them everywhere in the country. The South African sports teams got their Proteas nickname from this flower.

King Protea-12 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World



Lisianthus a.k.a. Eustoma is a decorative flower that is native to the American continent. It is characterized by its dark purple color and flimsy petals, although it is not uncommon to find the flower in other colors. In the United States, these flowers are called Bluebells or Texas Bluebells. Eustoma plants are good indoor plants and can be grown as a great addition to your garden as well. Other than being ornamental flowers or decorative plants, they can hardly be used in any other way. The flower tastes bitter and said to be used as a medicinal herb in the past by tribal people of Amazon.

Lisianthus-12 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World


Daisies are small and beautiful plants, and they are freely available throughout the world. Daisies grow everywhere on the planet, except Antarctica. The flowers belong to the Asteraceae plant family, which is the largest flowering plant species in the world. A daisy represents love, purity, and innocence. Do you know that a daisy is two flowers, not one? The outer petals and the inner eye are technically two different things. These cute flowers have some exceptional medicinal values. Daisies are known to cure many health conditions, ranging from common cold to a complex digestive disorder.  

Daisies-12 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World


10.Bird Of Paradise

Bird of Paradise is a fascinating flower that got its name from the bird, bird-of-paradise. This flower resembles the bird. It is native to South Africa, and the locals call it crane flower. A yellow color variant of bird of paradise is called Mandela's Gold.  The City of Los Angeles chose this flower as the official flower. A gardening enthusiast may feel like having a bird of paradise plant at home, but they need to keep in mind that it's highly allergic in nature. This plant requires three to five years time to flower.

Bird Of Paradise-12 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World


In the olden days, men used to give amaryllis to women when conveying their love to their love interest. Roses later replaced these flowers, though. Amaryllis are known for their striking red color petals. They are available in many other colors like white, pink, yellow, etc. Amaryllis signifies love and beauty. These beautiful flowers are mostly found in gardens nowadays. The bright colored flowers radiate beauty, and make a garden stand out. Amaryllis plants grow mainly in tropical countries. The United States is the biggest importer of the flowers, importing over ten million flowers a year. 

Amaryllis-12 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World


Like chrysanthemum and daisies, the two other flowers mentioned on the topic, sunflower belongs to Asteraceae family as well. Sunflowers are oversized chrysanthemums basically, and we must say that they do look magnificent. A garden of them is an absolute treat to watch, and they remind us marching soldiers. There are about 70 subgroups within the sunflower family. As you know, these bright and yellow colored flowers follow the sun, which makes them one of the unique flowers in the world. They are highly useful flowers, as their seeds are edible and often used to produce cooking oil.

Sunflower-12 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World


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