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Most Awkward Dreams

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 7:44 pm

1.Even Superman is at it

Well it looks like even Superman is suffering from dream issues as here he is waking up in a cold sweat after dreaming about Wonder Woman. He genuinely looks scared at the bottom there and it makes for an awkward meeting the next time they see one another.

2.An awkward explanation

This is more about an awkward dream that then led to an awkward explanation to the wrong person, so how much of a hole do you want to dig for yourself? Sometimes your dreams can really be the undoing of yourself.

3.Yep that is a bit awkward

Yeah now see this is very awkward because you have opened up with asking if it would be weird, but now you have to kind of reveal all. This is a conversation that you would probably dread having in all honesty.

4.Not what you think

Yeah there is a good reason as to why you should not tell your partner about your dreams at times because they are only going to be hurt by what is actually in your mind. This wife would get the shock of her life in this instance.

5.This really is an awkward dream

Well this is a seriously awkward dream, but of course they are just talking more about daydreaming rather than a sleeping one. Come on you have probably wished this on some people as well.

6.You had to be tempted

Oh come on if somebody said this to you, and if you knew the lyrics, you would be tempted into doing the same and replying with an REM lyric. How proud would you be of yourself if you managed to do this?

7.What is going on?

This is the type of dream where you wake up crying, but have very little idea as to why or even what is going on. It is a strange feeling when this happens and it can just ruin the rest of our day.


8.Guys cannot win

You know with this dream it is absolutely impossible for guys to win because we are not aware of the dream, but then end up in the bad books anyway. The scary part is that we are then meant to apologize, but for what?

9.A different web dream

This must be an absolute nightmare for Spiderman when this happens and imagine the mess that he has to clean up after it. No wonder he has woken up in a sweat.


10.This is horrible

This kind of thing is horrible because it does lead to you being unable to get your ex out of your mind since your brain keeps on throwing in dreams that are going to ultimately upset you. Why does our brain put us through this torture?

11.The difference in our dreams

This really does show the difference in dreams between men and women as we do focus on our own things and they are totally different. However, each side probably thinks that the other is dreaming the same, but of course that is not the case at all.


12.Yep this is awkward

This is the kind of dream where you wish you had just slept for a few more minutes before waking up as you are desperate to know what happened. It really does go from good to bad instantly.


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