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12 Reasons Why Thick Girls Enjoy Better Sex

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 12:51 pm

Who is a thick girl? A lot of fat women call themselves thick, but let us tell you that a thick or curvy woman is someone who has a handful of soft tissue just at the right places on her body. You know what those parts are, don't you? Thick girls have big boobs, bootylicious rear, and meaty thighs. They have that perfect hourglass shaped body as opposed to those so-called zero size chicks who sometimes remind us a bamboo tree and you know what the best thing about thick girls is? They are awesome in bed! No, We're not making this up, Science says curvy girls enjoy better sex than skinny girls. Let us shed some light on it and tell you 12 scientific reasons why thick girls rock their man's bed better than thin girls.
1.A Scientist Says So!

Dr. James Watson, an American DNA scientist, conducted a series of researches and found out that thick girls usually have more endorphins produced in their brain, thanks to that fine layer of fat under their skin. Endorphins, also known as feel-good chemicals, are directly linked to happiness, comfort, relaxation, and even euphoria. All these psychological traits allow curvy girls to enjoy better sex. As you know, a stress-free mind is pivotal to having a great time in bed.  Dr. Watson also says being a slim woman doesn't mean better sex experience.

A Scientist Says So!-12 Reasons Why Thick Girls Enjoy Better Sex

2.More Scientific Evidence

Some time back, researchers at St. Andrews University, UK, conducted an opinion survey and figured out that most participants (males) wanted to have a thick woman in their bed over thinner ones. The reason is pretty obvious, and we all know it! It isn't just always about sex; curvy women attract men instantaneously with their huge assets hidden under tight outfits! Forget about those scientific studies; most guys on popular online communities like Reddit say they find sex with a bigger girl more pleasurable than a skinnier one.

More Scientific Evidence-12 Reasons Why Thick Girls Enjoy Better Sex

3.Thick Girls Have Got More Cushion Down There!

If you are a skinny guy and banged a thin girl before, you already have an idea how painful the intense stroking session is. It doesn't feel great when two bony pelvic regions slap hard against each other. Girls with curves have a little tissue of fat just above their "lady patch" that acts as a cushion, allowing men to stroke more intensely. Their big booty provides just the right kind of padding guys need during positions like doggie to make things easy and pleasurable. All these let men stroke harder and deeper, helping women achieve intense orgasms.

Thick Girls Have Got More Cushion Down There! -12 Reasons Why Thick Girls Enjoy Better Sex

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