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15 WTFacts About Brain You May Not Know

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 11:06 am

Human brain is a mystery. Read these WTFacts to know more about it. Our human race has progressed a lot in the last couple of centuries. Our doctors are now able to cure many brain related diseases or conditions. However, no scientist or doctor knows many things about brain, like, how it stores and retrieves data, what emotions really are, and how human intelligence works. Human brain got to be the most complicated thing in the entire world. Read fifteen fascinating and WTF facts about brain. 

1.Brain has no pain!

Did you know brain surgery can be performed while the patient is awake? yes you heard it right, brain does not feel pain. Weird!!

2.Your brain is fat!!

Yes, it is true. Brain has over 60% fat but that's what helps it from shocks and accidents.

3.Reduced supply of Oxygen

When your brain has limited supply of Oxygen it goes weird, that's why mountaineers never see down while climbing a high altitude

4.Right and left brain functions

Left and right part though work together yet have separate jobs to do, left brain controls rational thinking where as right part of the brain is involved with emotions and other creative process

5.Left=right and right=left?

Confused? Right part of the brain controls the left part of the body where as left part of the brain controls the right part, Now you know why Human brain is called an amazing organ!!

6.Lighting a bulb?

While you are awake your brain generates enough energy to power a light bulb

7.You Memorize A Lot?

Did you know when you try to remember something it creates a connection of its own in brain cells? this connection helps us to recall things later

You Memorize A Lot?-15 WTFacts About Brain You May Not Know


8.Do You Think Too Much?

Our brain has a thinking capacity of more than 70,000 thoughts a day, Our brain is never ideal and keeps thinking

Do You Think Too Much?-15 WTFacts About Brain You May Not Know

9.Scent And Memories

Ever got back all memories of past when smelled something? well it's our sense of smell has a deeper emotional connection with our brain

Scent And Memories-15 WTFacts About Brain You May Not Know


10.Brain corrects images

Class 8th science eye fact, when an image is formed in your eye it is inverted(upside-down) but it's our brain who corrects it so that we can see a correct image

11.Brain size really doesn't matter

No Matter how much big the brain looks in size it has nothing to do with your intellectual . Proof:Albert Einstein's brain weighed less than the average weight of a human brain!

12.Yawning Cools Overheated Brain

Yawning is a sign of sleepiness, tiredness or boredom. Do you know yawning is a brain's function to cool itself when it's overheated or over worked? When you yawn, your brain relaxes instantly. The process also increases blood flow (oxygen) to the brain. 

Yawning Cools Overheated Brain -15 WTFacts About Brain You May Not Know

13.Female Brain Differs From Male Brain

There is huge difference between the male and female brains both in terms of their physical appearance and functions. On average, male brains are nearly 10% larger in size than female brains. Men require lesser time than women to make decisions. Though women take longer time to make decisions, they are more likely to stick to them, unlike men, who may change their decision anytime they want. Men have a task-oriented approach toward solving a problem, while women have a creative and emotional approach.

Female Brain Differs From Male Brain-15 WTFacts About Brain You May Not Know

14.Stress Shrinks The Size Of Brain

According to a research conducted by the scientists at University of California, Berkeley, constant stress can reduce brain size, over a period of time. Chronic stress destroys the brain communication. Stress causes loss of synaptic connections between brain cells. People who suffer from stress from their younger days are at higher risk of brain structure damage, which could lead to long term brain and mental disorders. 

Stress Shrinks The Size Of Brain-15 WTFacts About Brain You May Not Know

15.Brain Can't Multitask

The human brain is the most amazing piece of biological matter in the entire solar system. A human brain doesn't really support multitasking. It gives best results when one thing's done at one time. If you are multitasking, you are straining your brain. It's so because your brain is sharing its resources to two different tasks, leaving a big scope for errors. Experts advise staying away from multitasking for better mental health.

Brain Can't Multitask-15 WTFacts About Brain You May Not Know


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