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15 Deaths Caused By Selfies

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 4:33 pm

Fear selfies, not sharks. Now, deaths caused by selfies are more in number than deaths caused by sharks. Selfies have gained popularity throughout the world in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, today, selfies are being used as a medium to express narcissism, and expose stupidity. There are people who took selfies with their dead relatives or friends. Here we have people who killed themselves taking a selfie.
1.Deleon Smith, US

The person you are seeing in the image has killed himself with a gun, trying to take a selfie of him. 19 year old Deleon Smith from Houston, US was taking a selfie of him with gun pointed at his neck. He accidentally shot himself in the process. Deleon Smith was father of two children. He died a day before he was supposed to attend community college.

Deleon Smith, US-15 Deaths Caused By Selfies

2.Sylwia Rajchel, Poland

Sylwia Rajchel, a 23 year old medical student from Poland died after she fell down from a bridge, while trying to take a selfie. She was on a holiday trip to Spain. She lost control and fell off from famous Puente De Triana Bridge. Police tried to save her, but she had a cardiac arrest the moment she fell on bridge's concrete footings.

Sylwia Rajchel, Poland-15 Deaths Caused By Selfies

3.Marie Rocello, Philippines

Marie Rocello was a 14 year old girl from Philippines. She died from falling down school staircase while she was trying to take a selfie with a friend. Marie had severe head injuries that resulted in her death. She was the first person in Philippines to die from a selfie related accident.

Marie Rocello, Philippines-15 Deaths Caused By Selfies

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