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15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 7:18 am

We hear about lots of weird and bizarre things happening almost every day. Only a few individuals can witness such things live. We all have neighbors. Even a ruthless criminal will have neighbors. Do you have crazy people living in your neighborhood? Well, these fifteen people had! Read fifteen crazy neighbor stories as told by people, in their words. 
1.Life in a Rough Neighborhood

Bought my first house in a rather rough neighborhood. One day, my 6'5", 300lb neighbor knocked on my front door. When I answered, he had a UPS package and a handgun. Told me some kids were trying to steal my package, but he ran them off. He said, "You ain't gotta worry bout dem lil shits anymore. Best believe Imma LOCK AND LOAD if they come back."

Life in a Rough Neighborhood-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

2.This Crazy Neighbor

Came up the stairs to see my neighbor guy butt naked, slamming the door repeatedly screaming "I'M A GOD! I'M IN HEAVEN!!". Police arrived forthwith.

This Crazy Neighbor-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

3.This Crazy Guy with NSA Phobia

My old neighbor made me question my own sanity by drilling holes in his walls many hours each day for almost two years. When we confronted him, he denied drilling and asked what is wrong with us, even suggested therapy and psychological help. He was a nice and well-spoken guy too.
So after two years he moved out and our landlord told us that he had done some substantial damage to his apartment by drilling all walls, floors and ceilings full of small holes. He was sued, acquitted due to mental health problems and institutionalized for severe schizophrenia.
Our landlord told us after court that the guy had drilled to find government spying devices...

This Crazy Guy with NSA Phobia-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

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