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15 Real Life Zombies You Didn't Know

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 6:29 pm

We have zombies in real, walking around us! Throughout the modern human history, there are many cases where people came back to life after they were medically pronounced dead. No one including doctors know the reason behind this strange phenomenon. Here are fifteen real life zombies, and their incredibly exciting 'back to life' stories.
1.Erica Nigreli, Texas, US

The lady in the picture, Erica Nigreli, died on her way to hospital while she was pregnant. Doctors were able to save her baby with a C-section surgery. But After the surgery, Erica's heart started beating again!

Erica Nigreli, Texas, US-15 Real Life Zombies You Didn't Know

2.Carlos Camejo, Venezuela

Carlos Camejo was pronounced dead by doctors after he met a car accident. He woke up in pain when doctors tried to cut open his body for an autopsy.

Carlos Camejo, Venezuela-15 Real Life Zombies You Didn't Know

3.Val Thomas, Virginia, US

She suffered from two heart attacks in a span of seventeen hours. Doctors confirmed she was brain dead. The body showed early signs of decay caused only by death. Miraculously, the lady opened her eyes and started talking to her family members as if like she woke up from a deep sleep. 

Val Thomas, Virginia, US-15 Real Life Zombies You Didn't Know

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