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15 Women Confess Their Vagina Horror Story

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 4:43 pm

The genitals are one of the most sensitive parts of a human body. They require a lot of attention and care, without which things can go terribly bad. We are all humans. Making mistakes is something that's in our DNA. Here, in this list, we have fifteen women who shared some really shocking and horrifying stories related to their vagina. Be well prepared, as some of the stories can make you cringe really hard!
1.Mistake After Mistake...

I once used Nair on my bikini zone, and it worked great, so I thought: “Why not hit up the lower area too?” I applied the Nair on my vagina and after a few moments, I realized I was burning my labia off. I then went into my room and applied Aloe Vera directly into my snootch, which made it burn even worse because apparently that’s not made for vaginas either. The next day my vagina was swollen shut.
- cailsann

Mistake After Mistake...-15 Women Confess Their Vagina Horror Story


2.When Bush Meets another Bush!

I was riding my bike, and it randomly hooked onto something. I fell forward, vagina first, into a rose bush. I screamed in pain while my gynecologist removed 18 thorns from my vagina with tweezers. Needless to say, my vagina has never been the same.
- leighk42e9fd239

When Bush Meets another Bush!-15 Women Confess Their Vagina Horror Story


3.Don't Bother Reading This If You Have A Weak Heart

I sneezed while shaving my vagina and the razor slipped, cutting the inside of my labia. I had the worst rash ever. I went to ER because of the extreme pain, and there were blisters everywhere. I then tried to remove the tampon that was still inside of me, but it got stuck. I had to rip it out with the skin attached. Now, I make sure to be careful when shaving.
- Sweet_SouthernPeach

Don't Bother Reading This If You Have A Weak Heart-15 Women Confess Their Vagina Horror Story


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