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Bizarre 3D Paintings By Keng Lye

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 6:40 pm

1.Watching Fish Swim

This three dimensional piece of art really has some depth. With the branch and leaves looking to be floating on the water in the wooden bowl, we see the fish at a different level, making this the ultimate in 3-D artwork. It is beyond lifelike and so realistic that you might have to touch it to confirm that it's art.

2.Takeaway Fish

Want to take a fish home with you. The pet store will put him in a little bag with the water from his tank. Most people have done this and know what it looks like. Well, this is not the real thing. It's a painting by Keng Lye, with a three dimensional affect that makes the bag look so real.

3.Big Fish

The detail and shading in this fish make it almost appear impossible that it's not real. You can almost see him swimming in the bowl, appearing to float in the water. This is one big fish that anyone would swear was real enough to play with, and that's what Keng Nye wants.


Whether you like squid or not, you would be tempted to touch it and explore it. This amazing piece of art looks as real as can be, right down to the squid's eyes and tentacles. Keng Lye puts a lot of time and effort into creating the most lifelike pieces possible.


The colors and texture in this turtle really bring him to life. Even the water he plays in looks tinted by his play. The dish in which he lives, the water, and him, are all not real, but made to look that way by Keng Lye, whe specializes in bringing art to life.


In this astonishing creation a bucket is used to create a deep three dimensional affect. In it we see water and a lily pad with a frog on top of it. Below is plant life and even a little fish. The detail in the plant life is intricate enough to make you want to put your hand in to feel it.


In this piece of art, the artist has added a leaf and twigs. The three dimensional affect of the leaf and twig floating while the fish swim near it, makes it appear to have many levels. And if you did realize this was a piece of art, you may think it was drawn in a bowl, but no, the bowl is drawn as well.



It's hard to believe that you can't just reach out and touch the body of this octopus. It looks as if it is wet and sitting in a dish of water. The colors and shading so believable that your mind's eyes is fooled into thinking it's real. Keng Lye is an amazing artist that has a skill like none other.

9.School of Gold Fish

This piece of art is so lifelike, the fish actually appear to be swimming in this shallow dish of water. Your eyes sees them moving and they look wet. That's the illusion that Keng Lye creates when he uses layers of acrylic resin and paint. It's an amazing piece of work.


10.Japanese Fighter Fish

When you look at this picture, you see a box filled with water and a couple of red Japanese Fighting Fish, right? Are you sure that 's what you see? Look closer. It's really hard to tell, but this is actually a piece of art. There are no real fish in a box, in fact there is no real box.


As part of his Alive Without Breath series, artist Keng Lye is able to make aquatic animals come to life. His 3-D affect is amazing to say the least. Using a bowl or a box, he is able to make the images appear so realistic it is hard to tell that this is not indeed a bowl of fish.



This may look like two turtles in a bowl of water, but really this is a painting done by Keng Lye. This near life sculpture is made up of only paint and resin, layered one over the other in a bowl. It's amazing how real this looks. You would swear you could put your hand in and pull out a turtle.


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