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12 Bizarre Sexual Fetishes You Never Heard Of Before

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 4:15 pm

What makes you horny? Well, we guess you have a straightforward answer for this question. Most of us are not weird when it comes to sex, but a few guys and girls seek sexual pleasure from unusual, disturbing, and even disgusting things. This kind of unnatural sexual behavior is called fetishism, and we guess you are aware of it. In our society, many types of fetishes exist that are anywhere from mildly shocking to deeply unsettling. Hey, do you want to know more about all those dark and creepy sexual secrets? Read 12 bizarre sexual fetishes that we think you haven't heard before.

Have you ever seen or heard of "Two Girls One Cup" video? It is a coprophiliac video that has two girls defecating into each other's mouth. The nauseating porn video symbolizes this highly disgusting sexual fetish, coprophilia. A recent survey has found out that nearly 18% of people who are into sadomasochism (SM) are coprophiliacs. The sight of feces or a defecating person makes a coprophiliac horny! In extreme cases, some guys and girls even let their partner sh*t in their mouth. And you dear, hate it when water splashes back up and touches your butt after taking a dump! Dontcha?! 

Coprophilia-12 Bizarre Sexual Fetishes You Never Heard Of Before


Formicophilia is sexual attraction toward insects. It is a kind of mental disorder, and those who are suffering from it often let ants, bees, wasps, snails, etc. crawl on their genitals and enjoy the sexual stimulation caused by their stings or movements. Some formicophiliacs love pain caused by bug bites on their privates, while others just love the slimy contact of animals like frogs, snails, etc. on the sensitive areas of their sexual organs. Formicophilia is a rare fetish, and understandably, only a few people practice the bizarre sexual fetish.

Formicophilia-12 Bizarre Sexual Fetishes You Never Heard Of Before


Necrophilia is one of the most disturbing, disgusting, and inhumane sexual fetishes that involve a sexual act or sexual attraction between a living person and a corpse. Some people do find dead bodies sexually attractive, and shockingly, their number isn't small at all. Many of them may never get an opportunity to sleep with a corpse, so they satiate their lust for dead by watching necrophiliac videos on the deep web. Cadaver rapes aren't uncommon in morgues. A couple of years ago, an Ohio-based morgue attendant, Kenneth Douglas, admitted to having sex with dead bodies of over 100 women. 

Necrophilia-12 Bizarre Sexual Fetishes You Never Heard Of Before

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