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12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever

Sunday, Mar 21, 2021, 7:29 am

No living being on Earth except humans wear clothes. We, humans, started wearing clothes only a few thousand years ago to protect ourselves from dust, heat, cold and insect bites. The early humans didn't wear any clothes. There are many people out there in the world who still believe in being naked and all natural. They call themselves naturists! Almost every town and city in the western world has a naturist club or two. These naturists, at times, catch our attention by appearing nude in public areas. Here are fifteen such bizarre naked events and places where naturists see you like an alien if you are in your clothes!
7.Naked Ballet

Naked ballet could be a real hit since most ballerinas and ballet dancers are so stretchy. This could be so entertaining to watch on many levels.

Naked Ballet-12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever


Naked hill-walking could become a whole new craze if you can brave the cold weather. In the summer make sure you bring loads of insect repellent to protect your delicate bits.

Hill-Walking-12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever

9.Naked Rugby

Naked rugby should become a great hit for some. As long as the guys don't shove their fiddly bits in each other's faces. Balls off the field could have a whole new meaning.

Naked Rugby-12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever

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