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Bizarre Advertising From Around The World

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 6:47 pm


This is just mad because who would go and use tape when getting a haircut? OK it does come from decades ago, but even then there was more sense than that, so the people behind the advert must have been running out of potential uses and settled for this rather crazy idea.

2.Is it that good?

OK so you want to show you can kill bacteria and that is fine. However, is it a good idea to have an advert whereby you have just stabbed somebody and you are covered in blood? Surely that is taking things to an absolute extreme and you should be concerned about a few other things without thinking about soap?

3.The tease

There are times where you think about the link between the advert and the product and there is no way you can link an ice cream to Old Spice unless you argue that some of them are both white in color. You have to stop and think about the message they are trying to put across and ultimately here it means you wear it, you get to eat ice cream with her.

4.Sounds painful

When it comes to tampons, then do you want to actually use something that has this kind of advert? It comes across as if you would be inserting barbed wire rather than a tampon and describing it as a bloody hole is certainly not a wise thing to do.

5.Not what you think

You do sometimes wonder about the people that make adverts because they are clearly using some other embarrassing event to then go and sell their product and is this actually wise? Will you look at it favorably or will you be put off the product in case your parents catch you?

6.Be careful

You have to say that the woman must have one powerful STD if it will stop you beating the axis? She must have a mutant strain, but she just looks that innocent, but then so did Catwoman and see what she was capable of doing.

7.Blow on her!

It is not so much the advert that is bizarre here, but rather the tagline that has been used. Sure it was done a few years ago, but the person clearly did not think it through because what kind of smoke is he blowing that she will then follow him?


8.Looks painful

You have to admit that this does look rather painful, but at the same time you can kind of understand what they are doing when you see that it is for a radio station. However, they could have easily had the person listening to the radio rather than taking off their eyes and giving you this rather freaky picture in return.

9.Did they have to do that?

Did they really have to make an advert like this just for a snack? They could have just used the slogan without getting all worked up and adding in a black child just to prove a point. Sometimes there is just too much thought and fear that goes into adverts.


10.Body parts?

It really does not matter what it is advertising, but why is there the need to have body parts scattered all over the floor here? There is no real reason to go ahead and do this because surely there were other options available?

11.Why gay?

You would think that a company the size of Perrier would be more aware of things such as this where there is no real need to use the word gay even though it is meaning happy. They know that people will look at it another way and it just takes your mind off the product and more about the use of one single word.


12.Strange to clean up

This is an advert for a soap, but the fact that they have decided that just having dirty hands is not enough is certainly a bit strange. Instead, they focus on insects and this has to be the only advertisement in the world that has used this approach.


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