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Bizarre Armpit Tattoos

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 12:42 pm

1.Give it a lick

This tattoo almost comes across like some kind of challenge and you can certainly see the humor in getting something like this done in an area where you are not going to run your tongue. You wonder how many people she has challenged to do this and how many have accepted?

2.Stinky armpit

This is certainly not a tattoo that you can get if you have a problem with BO in your armpits because the fruit would just rot and fall off the tattoo. This seems like a strange choice of tattoo to get for a place that can often be smelly unless they wash 5 times a day or something.

3.Ah yes...testicles

This tattoo appears to have forgotten something because if he ever shaved the hair, then he would just have two testicles hanging in mid air. Oh wait, they basically are hanging in midair because another vital part does not appear to be there for this to all make sense.


There is so much going on here with this tattoo because first you have to realize that it is indeed a shark, but then there appears to be a couple of people hiding inside the mouth as well. That just comes across as having too much information for you to understand.

5.Car parts?

Ahh yes, nothing says tattoo me more than a car part does it? This is one of those tattoos where it just makes no sense whatsoever no matter where it is put, but it makes even less sense in the armpit because do you understand what is going on?

6.The spider web

Clearly this is not going to be the tattoo for you if you hate anything to do with spiders because it is clearly a web. In a strange way you can kind of understand why this would be put in the armpit area, but that is only if you can understand why somebody would get there tattooed in the first place.


Ahh yes countless numbers of people have looked at their armpit and immediately thought of a dinosaur because surely that space is just tailor made for it? This is one of those tattoos where it is indeed bizarre, but at the same time you cannot help but admire it in a strange way.


8.Look deep into my armpit

Well this is at least colorful even if it seems to represent some strange eye into the armpit. In all honesty you do not have to fully understand what is going on here apart from to say that at least the artist is good at what they do even if it is in a strange part of the body.

9.Too gory

This would be a strange tattoo anywhere on the body, but in the armpit? Where is the sense in this tattoo? Are they a hater of American Indians? Do they have armpit hair like the hair in the tattoo and are ashamed of it?


10.Just why?

At what point do you look at your armpit and think that it is the perfect place for this kind of tattoo? Surely you would come to your senses before it is done and realize that it is pointless? Apparently not.

11.Just strange

Yes this tattoo is indeed slightly strange because is it a case of her skin has ripped open or is it supposed to represent another part of the lady that we do not generally see? No matter what the answer may be it is still very well done even if it is totally bizarre.


This tattoo only works because the guy has a hairy armpit because apart from that it would look stupid instead of being slightly clever. It is of course like a can-can dancer, but how do you decide on getting this kind of tattoo in the first place?


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