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Bizarre Banned Names

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 9:34 am


The problem with calling your child Batman is that they would then be forced into trying to be the coolest kid to have ever existed. That is a job that is just too much for any child, so to save them the stress of trying to do this, they were quite right to ban it.


You get the feeling that this name was banned as it could so easily lead to all kinds of problems for the child in question. There is no way that they could not get through school without being ridiculed, so they were quite right to ban it.


You get the feeling that with this they simply opened up the dictionary at a random page and just picked the first word that they saw. There really can be no other explanation for this name other than that because surely it would not have been part of a long, well thought out process?


How bored would you need to be to end up calling your child traffic? There is just no way that this name should ever enter your head and that, therefore, means that there is no way that they should have felt the need to even put it on a banned list.


That's it, call the authorities and get them to remove those kids from anybody that ends up trying to call one of their children sponsorship. The fact that they felt the need to put this name on a banned list is scary.


OK this has just taken things a bit too far because nobody with any brain cells could ever imagine actually calling their child scrotum. By doing that, you are instantly setting them up to be bullied throughout their entire life and can you handle that fact?


It is so wrong to call your child email and they were quite right to put that on the list of banned names. Why on earth would you do this to your child? Do you not love them or something?



In all honesty this one does not require any explanation as to why it was banned, but surely common sense says that it is going to be a bad idea in the first place? That kid is going to get nowhere in life if they are called Hitler.


Maybe the parents were big Arnie fans and loved the movie? However, even if that is the case there is still no way that you should go ahead and call your child Terminator as that is just so wrong on so many levels.


10.US Navy

OK so let us try to get this one right, the Mexican authorities felt the need to make it illegal to call your child US Navy? What on earth is going on in Mexico that made them feel that this step had to be taken? Who would even think about calling their child that name?


Mistress is a term that is used in a way that is completely different to a normal run of the mill name. Why on earth would you go ahead and call your child Mistress so that they are saddled with it for the rest of their life?



Imagine how mad the world must be that the authorities had to put it into writing that you were not allowed to call your child Spinach. At least with this one you can understand it because that is just going to open up a lot of fruit and vegetable based names that just would not work at all.


If you called your child Yahoo, then it would sound as if you were very happy all of the time even when you were angry at them. How would that ever work as a name? It is just completely impossible.


You read that right, the authorities in Mexico had to take steps to ban people from calling their child Cesarean. This is just another example of where the parents that are even thinking about doing this should be slapped around the head to make them see sense.

15.Rolling Stone

If you love the magazine of this name, then do yourself and your family a favor and do not then go and call your child Rolling Stone. This is just like the holiday themed name because where does it then end? Would you end up calling your child Time Magazine if you preferred that?

16.Christmas Day

Even if your child is indeed born on Christmas day it should not mean that you then go ahead and call them that. Do you call your child Mother's Day? How about Halloween? Where would it stop if you allowed this one to be legal?


OK so Robocop was huge decades ago, but that does not mean that it is a cool name to have. You need to remember that Robocop was actually half robot and unless you plan on installing electronics into your child it really is not a name that makes any sense whatsoever.

18.Harry Potter

You can kind of understand why this name was banned because it is just madness to even consider calling your child Harry Potter. Yes you may have loved the story, but there is no guarantee that your child will be the same and indeed if they have this name they will probably hate it.


This one is in the same group as Facebook as the government decided that there was a good chance that somebody would try to call their child Twitter, so banned it before that was possible. However, you would need to be insane to do that in the first place.

20.Burger King

How desperate must you be for names that you end up resorting to calling your child Burger King? If you have a second child do you call them McDonald's just so they can both vie for your attention?


Yep the authorities had to work on banning the use of the word panties for a name. The parents need to be pretty strange or be completely out of ideas to resort to calling their child panties because surely they would realize that it was just wrong?


Imagine going through the list of potential names and then settling on Martian instead. It is scary to think that there are parents out there that thought that this would be a good idea and pressed ahead with their plans.


This is just absolutely bizarre, but a parent did go ahead and call their child circumcision and what on earth was going through their mind when they did that? It is no surprise that it is now banned and in all honesty the parents should be banned from having any more children as well.


Yep there was a chance that somebody would end up being called Facebook, so the authorities banned it before it could happen. Maybe they were worried about people copying celebrities that name their child after a place where they met or the kid was conceived and Facebook was the answer.


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