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Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 3:37 pm

1.Tequila ice cream

This is one ice cream flavor that you are either going to love or absolutely hate. Clearly if you are not a fan of tequila then you need to think about trying something else, but generally speaking it is quite a well balanced ice cream and one that is certainly enjoyable.

2.Whiskey prune

Well this ice cream is a bit different because the main thing in it are prunes that have been soaked in whiskey and then added to the mix. Imagine getting drunk on ice cream? How strange, but also wonderful, would that be?

3.Basil avocado

The surprising thing about this ice cream is that people say it is actually quite refreshing, but of course there is no point in trying it if you do not like the taste of avocado in the first place. It is not as heavy as you may fear and it does go down very well indeed.

4.Salt Licorice

This ice cream is certainly in the bizarre category and it is easy to understand why when you look at the ingredients. Sure they make sure that they use sea salt, but at the end of the day is there any real kind of appeal with these flavors? Surely only a few people will be curious enough to try it?

5.Banana curry

Well this is a phrase that you never expected to see put together. At first this sounds as if it would be an absolute disaster, but in all honesty it is not as bad as you think. This offers you the chance to have something that is both sweet and savory at the same time and it is perfectly balanced as a result.

6.Sichuan Pepper ice cream

By adding this one solitary ingredient you just know that it is going to come with a bit of a kick. Some people tend to add other ingredients such as orange to try to offset it, but a great deal of care has to be taken when making this to ensure you do not mess things up completely.

7.White truffle

You need to remember that a white truffle is not cheap to purchase, so you know that this ice cream is also going to cost you a small fortune in order to try some. However, it does have a rich taste and for some people it is the only way they will experience this rather strange item from the ground.



If you have ever used these pods for Indian cooking you will be wondering how they can then work as ice cream flavors. It is certainly a bit of a surprise when you taste it for the first time because there is just something about it that makes it a hit.

9.Creamed cod

Yes you are reading that correct because this is creamed cod ice cream and surely that is a mixture that you will have never heard of before. However, this is actually ice cream with a peppery vanilla batter and it is not as horrible as it sounds.


10.Wildberry Lavender

There is no doubt that this is certainly a flavor of ice cream that you are not going to come across that often in most ice cream parlors. It is a bit different and how many people want to eat lavender anyway?

11.Goat cheese cashew caramel

Well this is certainly a strange combination for an ice cream and you do wonder just how popular it is going to be among the public. It just seems as if there are too many aspects to it for your taste buds to be able to cope, but at the end of the day somebody must like it.


12.Honey Jalapeno Pickle

Well this flavor is certainly going to be a bit different for you. This is such a mixture of flavors that it is difficult to know what is going on inside your mouth as you are eating it, but even though it is an acquired taste it is not as bad as you think.


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