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Bizarre New Types Of Cosmetic Surgery

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 11:31 am

1.Long limbs

If you are unhappy with the length of your limbs why not get them made a bit longer? This is entirely possible, but in all honesty it will hurt a bit and why should you put yourself through all of this hassle and pain just because you think your arms are too short?

2.Mouth corner lift

Yep imagine looking at your smile and not being happy with it. Now imagine going to your surgeon and asking them if they can do something to help. The result? They lift the corner of your mouth to alter your smile and in all honesty with some people it looks stupid.

3.Foot lifts

Yep if you are unhappy with your feet it is now entirely possible to get what is basically a foot lift. A surgeon is able to change how they look and even realign toes if you need that with the end result being the perfect foot. Unless you are a foot fetishist why would you bother?

4.Eyelash transplants

Yep there are now people out there that have had eyelash transplants and these new ones actually keep growing. They use normal hair follicles and get them into your eyelid, but surely fake ones are a lot easier and less hassle in the long term?

5.Pet testicles

Yes you can actually get an operation for your pet where they have bigger testicles implanted. Of course they are also used when the pet has none at all, but who even thought this up in the first place?

6.Belly button

If you have what is classed as an outie belly button, then you can actually have it made into an innie instead. This is taking perfection to new levels, but why the attraction of getting this done? Do we really pay as much attention to the belly button as this?

7.Fake dimple

If you have always thought that dimples were cute, then the good news is that there are now procedures out there that will create a dimple on your face. At least with this you get to choose where it is going, but it just comes across as being a bizarre thing to have done.



Yes this is what it sounds like it could be because there are now people out there that have a procedure done where their ears are turned from normal looking ones into ones that resemble an elf. It may also be referred to as the Spock operation, but why would you want it done?

9.Botox for poker

Ok so botox has been around for some time, but it is now being used specifically by poker players to prevent their faces from giving the game away. This is taking the game far too seriously because where will it end?


10.Palm line surgery

If you are the type of person that believes in the lines on your palm dictating your future, then you can actually have palm line surgery in the hope that it then changes your future. This is insanity taken to a whole new level because the reasons as to why you get this done are twofold.

11.Beard transplant

Yes if there are guys out there that struggle to grow a substantial beard, then they can actually get a beard transplant. The idea here is that they are then going to look more manly, but this is just vanity going too far.


12.Eye implants

Yep this is a brand new thing whereby people are getting eye implants that then change the color of the iris. This is just seriously strange and you wonder why people even bother getting this done because surely we should be happy with the color of our eyes to start with?


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