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Bizarre New Year Traditions Around The World

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 7:00 pm

Have any plans for this New Year's Eve? No? Then read these crazy and funny New Year traditions people around the world follow. I personally liked #5. Read on below...
1.Dressing as widow

In Ecuador, New Year's eve is celebrated in a really amusing and joyful way,? Men dress haphazardly in drag (clowny looking make-up, cheap colorful wigs, very hairy legs in miniskirts) representing the "widow" of the year that has passed. See the image below.
Dressing as widow-Bizarre New Year Traditions Around The World

And that's not at all they walk on the streets in this attire and stop the cars passing by and do a small dance for the people in the car and the drivers are forced to give some coins for their performance and to let them go.
Dressing as widow-Bizarre New Year Traditions Around The World


2.Jumping off your chair

Denmark appears to be a hotbed of New Year activity. Apart from throwing dishes at one another there is also the act of jumping off your chair when it turns midnight. How well you jump depends on how much alcohol you have had to drink beforehand.

3.Possum drop

In Brasstown North Carolina they take pride in their possum ceremony. At first a possum drop sounds cool until you discover that it is simply a possum in a clear box that is lowered to the ground. There really is next to nothing left to do.

4.The female Olympics

Ok it isn't actually the olympics, but in Belarus at New Year there is a competition of another sort. Women will compete in a number of games that focus on skill as well as luck including a rooster picking out who will be married and standing between two mirrors.

5.Molten tin holds the key

In Finland you are supposed to find a piece of tin, melt it, and drop it into cold water. As it becomes hard it will take on a shape and it is that shape that is then interpreted to see what the year ahead will be like.

6.Dish throwing

Ahhh those crazy Danes always getting into trouble. Their New Year tradition is to throw dishes at you and the more that are thrown the luckier you will be. However, it is not exactly lucky if you are hit or if you are the person that needs to clear up.

7.Burning champagne

Russia has a rather interesting tradition, but it is one that comes with a time limit. The idea is that you write down some kind of wish on paper, set fire to it, let it burn, then throw it into a glass of champagne. You then need to drink it all up and this has to be completed by 12:01.


8.Pot banging

This just seems like a chance to be as noisy as hell, but in New Zealand the tradition is to bang pots as loud as you can possibly muster. It remains to be seen if this just means you are hungry and too drunk to mention it, so resort to this.

9.Eating grapes

In Spain the tradition is to eat a grape on each bell strike at 12. They believe that this will then translate into prosperity although whether that is prosperity just for the grape industry is unknown.


10.Carrying an empty suitcase

Colombia has a rather strange New Year tradition whereby you are supposed to get an empty suitcase and take it for a walk around your block. What is this supposed to do? Apparently it means you will be traveling for a year, but hopefully with something in the case.

11.Eating lentils

Chile has a rather strange tradition whereby you are supposed to eat some lentils on the stroke of midnight in order to have a year where money is just thrown at you. Why lentils though? Is it not discrimination against other types of legumes?

12.Jump 7 waves

In Brazil it is tradition to jump seven waves at New Year for luck, but how that brings you luck is unknown. What do you do if you live in the middle of Brazil? Jump seven times into a swimming pool?

13.Wearing pink for love

In Argentina it is customary to wear pink at New Year in the hope that it can bring you love. How a color of underwear can make a difference is a mystery, but hey it is tradition so what the hell.


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