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Bizarre Tongue And Tooth Piercings

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 7:02 pm

1.Spinach or Diamonds?

Diamonds on the teeth are a great idea, however often from a short distance they do mimic lost tooth spinach. Would you seriously want to have this done?

2.Not So Bad?

This is a shallow tongue cutting fork. Not that bad when all is said and done because just add an eye and you basically have Pacman.

3.Little Miss Kitty

A little hidden Miss Kitty under the tongue. Here she feels safe secure and nice and warm, but boy does it look strange and is not exactly something that a lot of people will want to have done.

4.Just too much

This person has just gone a bit too far with the tongue piercing idea because they just seem to be absolutely everywhere. How can they do anything with all of this metalwork stuck there?


The latest craze with teeth piercings are the tooth windows. This way people can see at a glance just how dirty your teeth are at the root.


This person has obviously decided to shun the forked tongue and go with the overlapped tongue? Some how one gets the image of this tongue being able to pick its own peas off the plate. Photograph

7.Over Pierced

Okay, there is so much going on here it is hard to see that this lady has a very pierced tongue. There are about seven piercings that are visible.


8.Confucius Says

Before you consider having a forked tongue done here is a close up of a tongue stitched up after cutting. This one as you can see if a very deep forked tongue. Doesn't the brain get confused as to which side your meal is on at any given time?


Forked tongues are getting more popular. This tongue is a lesser forked tongue. You can get far more deeper than that even. The deeper you go the harder it is to chase the peas in your mouth.


10.Zip It!

Perhaps this person was told to 'zip it' as a kid? So as soon as they could they did. One doesn't really want to imagine kissing this lot?

11.Hindu Customs

Tongue piercing is a very popular Hindu custom at certain times of the year. This type of artifact is said to ward off evil spirits.


12.Handy Storage

Have you ever had the peril of losing your lighter all through the day? Now, you simply slide it through your tongue where you can see it and so can everyone else.


Sometimes it is better to just bring your own fork? One is not sure as to why there are links holding the other teeth together?


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