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15 Most Inappropriate Disney Tattoos Found On The Internet

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 4:18 pm

Disney characters are a popular tattoo choice. Millions of people around the globe identify Disney characters. They are cute and adorable. Most of us grew up watching Disney movies and TV shows, and we have a deep emotional connection with them. Some People choose beloved Disney characters over random designs or picture for a tattoo. Some ardent fans get Disney tattoos as a tribute to their favorite shows or characters. 
We usually have an impression that all Disney tattoos are cute! In reality, they are not. Some people tattoo Disney characters in the most inappropriate way possible. They make cute characters look creepy, devilish or sluttish. Such tattoos look so horrible that they give us nightmares. As a Disney fan, you may find those tattoos completely offensive. 
Check these fifteen shocking Disney tattoos that we believe shouldn't exist in the first place! Zombie Snow White… nude Ariel… psychopath Tinker Bell and many other inappropriate Disney tattoos are all set to surprise you! Check them now! 
1.Zombie Snow White

Disney Princess Snow White from Snow White and Seven Dwarfs movie is one of the most beautiful princess of Disney princesses franchise. The person who wore this tattoo changed beautiful Snow White into a horrible brain eating zombie! It's scary, creepy and there's nothing to laugh about it!

Zombie Snow White-15 Most Inappropriate Disney Tattoos Found On The Internet


2.We Never Knew Jasmine Got Some Serious Swag

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin is yet another beautiful princess, who is known for her modest appearance. This guy or girl who had this tattoo on their thigh, Changed Jasmine into some kind of urban weirdo with a tiger tattoo on her back. Is that really a tiger on her back? It looks more like a lizard than a tiger.

We Never Knew Jasmine Got Some Serious Swag-15 Most Inappropriate Disney Tattoos Found On The Internet

3.She Bought Seashells on Sea Shore

Ariel looks like she's on some kind of sea weed! Seashell pasties, tattoos, skull and what not; oh boy, is she really Ariel? She looks more like a pirate queen than a mermaid. Whoever did this has done this to ruin your childhood.

She Bought Seashells on Sea Shore-15 Most Inappropriate Disney Tattoos Found On The Internet

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