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15 People Reveal The Worst Wedding Ceremony They Ever Attended

Saturday, Jan 23, 2021, 4:04 pm

Weddings are crazy sometimes! Two people or two families work round the clock and toil hard to make the wedding day special. However, all it needs is just one minor unfortunate event or accident to ruin the entire wedding ceremony. For those of you who had never been to such weddings, you were lucky but not these 15 people here who witnessed the worst wedding ceremonies of their life.
7.And This Wedding that was a Total Mess

My ex-wife's uncle. He was in his fifties, his bride was in her twenties and younger than his daughter of his first marriage. Shotgun ceremony, there was an undercurrent of ill-disguised fury in the wedding venue.
It all got worse during the wedding party - the top table ate the ENTIRE buffet, leaving nothing for the other guests, so somebody was forced to take a run down to a local takeaway. About 20 minutes into the disco, one set of in-laws trod on the foot of the other set of in-laws, refused to apologise, and both sides came together like a battle scene in Game of Thrones, all to the sound of Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon. Blood everywhere, the DJ pulled the plug, and everybody was thrown out of the community centre. It wasn't even 6pm, and guests were still arriving, and the guy sent out for the takeaway food arrived shortly after with arms full of fish and chips and a half-empty car park. Best wedding ever.

And This Wedding that was a Total Mess-15 People Reveal The Worst Wedding Ceremony They Ever Attended

8.When Best Man and Justice of Peace Got Really, Really, Close!

Best man (20-something) was making out with the Justice of the Peace (she was at least in her 50s, maybe 60s). This was bad enough as is, but the fun really began when the justice's husband came into the reception hall and got a little ticked off. Shoes were thrown and the best man was chased away by the old man. The marriage lasted about a year...I guess it really was a bad omen!

When Best Man and Justice of Peace Got Really, Really, Close!-15 People Reveal The Worst Wedding Ceremony They Ever Attended

9.It Was Sad Story... and a Bad Story...

My 2 friends had a Wedding on a Wednesday. It was a dry wedding and there was no DJ. The groom just expected one of these friends to play some songs from his Ipod. I think he played Gangnam Style and something called 'The Wedding Wobble' and then couldn't figure out what else to play, but it didn't really matter because everyone but the couple and me and my date left by 8pm. Then we come to find out that the newlyweds have nowhere to stay on their wedding night. They lived in a shitty apartment with several roommates who they were fighting with, and the electricity had been shut off for days. I watched the bride frantically opening envelopes, trying to scrape together enough money for a hotel room, and almost break down in tears when all of the envelopes contained Target gift cards. I ended up paying for a room for them to stay in, at the hotel with me and my date. I don't remember them even saying thank you. The marriage didn't even last a year.

It Was Sad Story... and a Bad Story...-15 People Reveal The Worst Wedding Ceremony They Ever Attended

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