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Most Bizarre TV Shows

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 12:08 pm

1.Japanese human pacman

Trust the Japanese to come up with a completely bizarre game show and nothing can be stranger than having humans dressed up as pacman. They are always trying to push the boundaries of what makes sense and what is silly and this does fall into the silly category.


This is a Danish TV show and all that happens is that a woman walks into a room, gets naked, and then the host and a guest discuss her body in front of her. That is it, there really is nothing else to it and does that not sound absolutely pointless?

3.Miss Bum Bum

OK you have probably guessed what this could be about and you would be right as it is all about bums. In actual fact it is a show that focuses on 500 women who are competing to have the best bum in Brazil and you can expect a lot of tears and tantrums throughout it.

4.Pakistani game show

A Pakistani game show, think of something similar to the Price is Right, actually gave away two orphaned babies as a prize. This has to be the strangest prize in the history of television and how is it even legal for them to do that?

5.The Puppet Game Show

This was something from the UK and yes it involved puppets in a game show. It also used UK celebrities as team members and overall it was just quite a surreal kind of thing to watch.

6.My 5000 friends

This show is all about a guy that has the maximum 5000 friends on Facebook who then decides he wants to meet as many of them as possible. Of course there is a decent idea of a TV show in there, but would you want to just watch somebody meeting other people?

7.Man vs. Beast

In some ways this is a strange show, but in other ways it is actually quite interesting. It does not involve you throwing a man in with a lion to see who is the toughest, or Usain Bolt in an actual race with a cheetah, but instead it is more scientific and less dangerous for the humans, so perhaps the ideas mentioned above would be better.


8.National Knitting Evening

This is in Norway and every single year they dedicate one evening to knitting including having discussions on it. The sad part is that last year 1.3 million Norwegians tuned in, so clearly knitting is big business in Norway.

9.Jews on Bikes

Well the title of this program is pretty self explanatory because it is indeed all about Jews on bikes. Basically, it follows a group of Jews traveling around on their bikes and yes it does sound as uneventful as you think.


10.Extreme cheapskates

This program is intended to show us the lengths that some people will go to in order to save money. It is bizarre because even though we all like to save some cash there is no way that most of us will do some of the things that appears in this series.

11.Elder Skelter

OK this is indeed a strange television program because it is a documentary all about elderly people and the crimes they commit. If you watched this, then you will quickly forget that idea of them being all sweet.


12.Fat for Fun

This is one of those candid camera shows, but instead they focus purely on using a fat person to get a reaction. In some countries they would probably frown upon this due to them just using fat people, but they seem to get a laugh so they keep on using them.


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