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Most Bizarre Moments At Oscars Ever

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 8:31 am

1.The Cher costume

The Oscars is often all about the dresses that the women wear, but Cher decided to do things a bit differently at the 58th awards as she turned up in not very much at all and with a wild looking peacock on her head. It's fair to say she managed to get all of the attention, but not all positive.

2.The two Franks

At the 6th version there was a surreal moment where Will Rogers, who was presenting, shouted out for Frank to come up and get his award for best director. This would have been great had there not been two guys called Frank nominated and of course Frank Capra went up on stage to then discover it was Frank Lloyd that had won.

3.The outing

Tom Hanks did of course win the best actor award for the movie Philadelphia, but it was his acceptance speech that was the bizarre part in all of this. During his speech he actually managed to out an old teacher of his and imagine that being the way that your family finds out that you are actually gay.

4.Text dolphin

Ric O'Barry made a very public display of his belief in trying to save the dolphin by revealing a banner telling people to text their support. It was a bit bizarre to see a protest such as this at such a glamorous event, but hey it happened.

5.The interruption

At the 82nd awards there was a very public interruption during an acceptance speech. The producer Elinor Burkett decided to interrupt the director Roger Ross Williams when he was trying to accept his award for the best short documentary. The two of them were actually involved in a court case at the time, so Elinor decided to make it public.


This happened at the 79th Oscar ceremony and it has to be one of the strangest sights you will see at these awards. Basically, what you had were people behind screens dressed as some kind of penguin doing an interpretive dance of various movies that were out that year. Yes it was as strange as it sounds.

7.Social Media

OK so this was back in the days when Myspace was big and Facebook was nowhere to be seen, but when Ellen DeGeneres hosted she decided to make a big thing of social media. She basically stopped the entire proceedings in order to get Steven Spielberg to take a photograph of her with Clint Eastwood and then carried on as if nothing had happened.


8.South Park guys

Well we all know what South Park is all about, but why did the creators decide to then turn up dressed in drag for the Oscars? It has to be one of the most surreal things that you will ever see because they are not even that convincing as women either.

9.Roberto Benigni

Most people will start crying when they win an Oscar, but not Roberto. Instead, he went absolutely bonkers and started to leap between chairs and getting the audience all excited and involved in an outburst that had never been seen before and never seen again.


10.Jack Palance

Jack Palance was almost the nearly man when it came to winning an Oscar, but that changed when he was 72 and won one for the movie City Slickers. In the middle of quite a rousing acceptance speech he suddenly stepped to one side and did some one arm push ups to show how strong he still was. Fair play to him, but what has that got to do with winning an award?

11.Rob Lowe and Snow White

OK so the Oscars are usually quite glitzy affairs, but this duet has to be one of the strangest things in the history of film never mind just these awards. It had Rob Lowe doing a duet with somebody as Snow White and the audience simply looked on in a mixture of shock and bewilderment.


12.Streaker in 1974

Yep just as David Niven was about to talk up popped a streaker in the background. David handled it perfectly, no not like that, and managed to laugh it off like the absolute professional that he was.


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