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15 One-Night Stands That Went Completely Wrong

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 4:22 pm

One-Night Stand! The instant sexual adventure with unknown, partially known or known people without any further relationship commitment is a popular trend in many European and North American countries. There are several reasons why people indulge in flings. Alcohol is the main reason One-Night Stands happen. Most of the times, One-Night Stands are not pre-planned. However, sometimes, people plan them out. Men or women often describe a One-night stand as physical pleasure without emotional bonding. Most of the times, flings go right but sometimes, they can go terribly wrong. Check these fifteen people who regretted their life choice! 
10.Oh Yes, Accidents Happen!

As we told earlier, if you are a bit choosy about your One-night stand partner, better don't choose them when you are wasted. Give yourself sometime, and let the alcohol come down a bit.

Oh Yes, Accidents Happen!-15 One-Night Stands That Went Completely Wrong

11.And This Girl

Flings can go terribly wrong sometimes. Many people contracted HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases because of the short sexual adventures! Don't believe us? Google it!

And This Girl-15 One-Night Stands That Went Completely Wrong

12.The Run of Shame

Most people easily forget their flings. Some find it extremely difficult to get over the remorse. Men or women who are in a relationship may suffer from extreme guilt afterward.

The Run of Shame-15 One-Night Stands That Went Completely Wrong

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