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15 People Who Failed At Evolution Badly

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 1:33 pm

Human beings are the most gifted living beings on the planet. We can talk, think and do many things the other species can't. Of all the human mental traits, common sense is very, very, special. Most of us can easily tell what's right and what's not. We stay alert, and can identify dangers even before something bad happens. However, some people are pretty bad at this common sense and basic intelligence thing. Call them dumb or stupid; such people are too many in numbers around us. Check these fifteen people who strongly deserve a Darwin Award!
1.Not a Great Way to Protect Ears!

He put the gun in his ear. His finger was on the trigger. All it needs is one muscle twitch or jerk caused by gunfire sound for something terrible to happen. Stay aware of the situation. Watch out for the possible dangers, and don't be like this man!

Not a Great Way to Protect Ears!-15 People Who Failed At Evolution Badly

2.Never Jump Over a Fence

The sole purpose of a fence is to stop people from getting in or out. If you are allowed to freely go from one side to the other, there wouldn't be any fence in the first place. On a real bad day, one can end up being in an unfortunate situation like the guy in the picture. 

Never Jump Over a Fence-15 People Who Failed At Evolution Badly

3.Probably the Last Picture of that Man

The lion doesn't look happy at all. Trained animals too attack when people wouldn't stop pissing them off. It's all fun and joy until something terrible happens. On a bad day, even pets can attack if they are pissed off. 

Probably the Last Picture of that Man -15 People Who Failed At Evolution Badly

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