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15 People Confess Their Actual Porn Scenario

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 4:54 pm

Porn video plots are pretty awkward. They go like this. When a nurse walks into a patient's room, he miraculously gets cured and becomes healthy enough to have a full blown intercourse!  Every time a repairman visits a home, he ends up screwing more than one thing. And, pizza delivery guys always get their share of fun because ladies they meet don't have money to pay for pizzas! Porn movie makers see plot as most useless thing in a movie, and keep all their focus on 'money shots'. 
Can those plots we usually see in porn movies happen in real life? They do happen! Here are fifteen people who shared their sexual encounters on Reddit that are more or less an implausible porn movie plot.
1.This Guy Who F*cked His Friend's Divorced Mom

I went to a friend's wedding in another country. As I arranged to go at the last minute I could not find a hotel room for the night. My friends divorced mother offered that I stay at her house. I've only seen her mother a couple of times before, but accepted to stay over. After everyone left to their hotel rooms, her mom and I were alone, a few drinks later we were naked on the couch and a few minutes later we were in the bedroom.
Best 3 day weekend away in a long time :)
We have two kinds of readers here. One that thinks the guy here got lucky, and the other that thinks this is morally incorrect. If you ask our stand on this, we would probably put the blame on booze!

This Guy Who F*cked His Friend's Divorced Mom-15 People Confess Their Actual Porn Scenario

2.This Girl Who Slept With Her Chemistry Teacher

I slept with my organic chemistry tutor, more than once. He was just so nice. It turns out he wasn't very good at chemistry though. A few weeks into it, I realized some of the things he was teaching me were completely wrong. So that was the end of that.
Students in their early twenties are not mature enough to understand the complications of an awkward relationship, especially the relationships they have with their teachers. There are many men and women who are in their thirties now and regret their affairs with teachers. There have been many cases of teachers sleeping with their students and the numbers keep rising every year. Seems like there are many teachers who chose the wrong profession during their graduation.

This Girl Who Slept With Her Chemistry Teacher-15 People Confess Their Actual Porn Scenario

3.Things Went Pretty Fast There

In college, I go home for the summer and live with my parents while working a summer job. I run out of checks one day and walk into a local branch of my national bank to order more. I'm pointed into an office where a girl just a little older than I am is sitting behind a desk. She sees me and smile. While ordering the checks, we get to small talk and I find out she's new to the area and has just graduated. The bank job is her first right out of school. We begin to flirt a bit and I notice how Damn good she looks in blazer. Finally, she asks for my address to put on the check headers and I give her my home address. She freezes, smiles, and then tells me she just moved in down the street from me. We laugh about it and I tell her few things about my lifelong neighbors. It was almost 5 and she told me that if I wanted to wait around, she was going to grab a beer after work. I did. We fucked in the bank parking lot less than 20 mins later and then almost every night for the rest of the summer.
This list can be very frustrating to single guys who badly want to mingle. The trick here is keeping a conversation alive and exciting. Sex is fun, but safety is important as well. Pack your meat, before stepping up heat!

Things Went Pretty Fast There-15 People Confess Their Actual Porn Scenario

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