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15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 4:51 pm

So, what's the scariest thing happened to you? Before you strain your mind, and try to dig all the bad things happened to you, read the stories of these fifteen people who revealed the scariest thing happened to them. Life's mysterious. We don’t know what happens to us in the very next minute. Life's a mix of good and bad experiences. No one can escape those bad moments. We all have them. You must consider yourself lucky if you don't have a story as scary as these fifteen people. 
1.This Traumatic Experience

I was drugged and raped at a party. Got severe alcohol poisoning and was bedridden, only to go back to school to find out I was now the slut of the school.

This Traumatic Experience-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

2.He Was Lucky There

Got up in the middle of the night. Walked to the bathroom without turning any lights on then I got light headed from standing up too fast and fainted, I hit my head on the wall and heard a bang but didn't feel any pain. When I woke up, it was still dark, and I had a throbbing pain where I hit my head. I moved my hand and felt the floor was wet then felt my head, and that was wet too.
At this point, my heart was racing thinking about what damage had been done to my head, how much blood I had lost and how I was going to clean up the mess. As fast I could I got up to turn on the lights in the bathroom, looked in the mirror and there was only a small red mark where I'd hit my head. I looked over to where I was lying, turns out I pissed myself while I was out and wiped it on my face. 

He Was Lucky There-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

3.Oh Man, That Was Scary

My junior year of high school my bff was spending the night at my house. We get the great idea to walk to the 7-11 two blocks away around 11 pm in our pajamas. Well, we're walking, and all of a sudden my friend grabs my hand and tries to stop me from walking. I'm annoyed, and loudly say, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??"
I'm really glad the guy walking about a hundred feet in front of us didn't turn around because he was carrying a big old knife in his hand. We turned around and booked it home, and called the cops. Turns out the guy was planning to go stab his girlfriend.

Oh Man, That Was Scary-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

4.When a Toddler Goes Missing

My son was about two at the time. Really into walking and climbing by then. I left the room for a few minutes to do something and came back to find that he was gone. Not a trace of him anywhere.
We had a really small apartment then, so there weren't many places he could go -- I checked his room, closet, the bathroom, kitchen, tore open cabinet doors, all while calling him loudly: nothing. I finally opened the front door (and I am totally terrified by now) and walked outside, casing our entire building to see if I could find his yellow footie-pajama'd self toddling around. I yelled his name several times. Nothing.
I went back in the house, ready to call the police, when I hear a rustling coming from next to one of our arm chairs. I look down and see him intently shuffling through a bunch of papers in the little nook between the side of the recliner and the side table. He'd basically found himself a cubby and camped out quietly while his mother was absolutely losing her shit.
The worst part of it might have been the very calm "Problem?" look on his face when I finally discovered him. Little troll.

When a Toddler Goes Missing-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

5.Not Going There Again, Never!

I went on a hike with some friends on a remote trail. The property was owned by homeland security but was open to hikers. We went to the top of the mountain and smoked a couple bowls next thing you know six cop cars are at the bottom of the trail, and a police helicopter is hovering over us, we freak out and decide to go down the trail to the police cars like nothing happened. The police questioned us then told us if we had seen anything suspicious, turns out a group of three teenagers raped a woman( we were a group of four) she then passed by in a police car to identify us. Our future depended on this woman's portrayal of who she saw rape her. She said we weren't the rapists, and we were let go... still scary as shit.

Not Going There Again, Never!-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

6.Shit Just Got Real

I met up with a guy from an online BDSM site. Talked on the phone, then met him in public, felt a great connection, took him home after we talked for over 3 hours.
My roommate was home, but in her room. He overpowered me fast (which we had discussed), but right before he covered my face with a pillow, he snarled in my ear "your mistake was that your roommate never saw my face!" The way he said it told me that I was about to die. I felt so much self-rage for getting myself into this.
Then, darkness and limited breathing as he fucked me. We had talked about safe words, which I clearly couldn't say with a damn pillow over my head. He apologized afterward for getting too into the moment. Wtf.

Shit Just Got Real-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

7.This Horrible Childhood Story

When I was eight years old, another kid tried to stab me to death. I was stabbed repeatedly and was sure that I was going to die.
I had put my hands up to cover my face and was stabbed several times in my hands. I had my left thumb almost completely severed.
During the attack I was in shock, so I didn't notice the pain. I just kept looking the kid in the eyes. There was no anger, no emotion. He was expressionless. That was the most terrifying part. He would not have stopped on his own. He had to be pulled off me.
It took years to regain full movement in my hands and my wounds still ache when the weather changes.
I don't know what happened to that kid. I know he was sent away after that.

This Horrible Childhood Story-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them


8.Sleep Paralyses Is No Joke

I get sleep paralysis and and a few nights ago I got it again. It's basically where your body is asleep but your mind is awake. I was laying on my right side and unable to move, and then I started hearing whispers in my left ear. They got louder and louder until it felt like my eardrum exploded. I finally was able to move about a minute later, and found nothing was wrong with my ear. This all happened in pitch black darkness. Shit was terrifying.

Sleep Paralyses Is No Joke-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

9.Ghost? Really?

One time when i was 12 and we were on vacation in new york, I was sleeping in the hotel. I woke up when I felt watched. When i opened my eyes and i saw a black shadow looking down at me. I got terrified, But could not do anything. Soon it left and I broke down crying.
That is the time I began believing in ghosts.

Ghost? Really?-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them


10.This Freaky Accident

I almost slipped and fell down into a ravine with a younger girl I had just met. I had to drag her up over me on this steep hill. I made sure she was safe first because she was so little and could barely hang on. I was about 12.

This Freaky Accident-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

11.Oh, These Robbers!

I was 15 and had just come home from my shift at work. My mom was gonna be home in like an hour. I was sitting in my bed with my window kinda behind and to the left of my head. I was on my laptop with my headphones on and the lights totally off when all of a sudden, I heard a loud crack and saw out of the corner of my eye the window shoot open. A guy in a black mask pops his head in and says "oh fuck", Obviously trying to rob my house. At this point I thought I was going to die. Scariest moment of my life by far.

Oh, These Robbers!-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them


12.That Was Gross, But Funny in the End

I was sitting on the toilet, peeing, and I look down and see a pulpy shiny white clump in the toilet. I get sort of nervous, like, ew did that come from me? So I slowly look in my vulva and see more and my heart sinks. What sort of fucking disease do I have?? Should I go to the doctor?? Is it an std? A yeast infection? I pulled it out, turned out it was just toilet paper from last time I peed stuck in there.

That Was Gross, But Funny in the End-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

13.The Bees Attack!

When I was 9, my mates and I got attacked by a swarm of bees, they stung the hell out of all of us as we ran the three blocks to get home and then stayed around outside the house for hours. It's like being attacked by an angry cloud! Two of my mates had to get taken to hospital.

The Bees Attack!-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

14.Jeez, That Was Damn Scary

Girl I had been sleeping with texts me "hey, so you might want to get yourself tested for HIV." Proceed to freak the fuck out, she won't return all 57 of my calls. Finally get her on the phone and ask her if she had HIV. She says no but that she's been feeling sick lately and was worried she may have caught it from me. Glad I found out early on she was insane but could have done without the heart attack.

Jeez, That Was Damn Scary-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

15.Natural Calamities are Hard to Deal with

Survived an F5 tornado, one of the largest ones in the last 50 years, i was 14 at the time. holy shit if anything could make you shit yourself that's it, sounds like a fuckin train rolling through, shits flying around and shit, getting pelted with random debris and walking out after its all over to see that you have no home, but hey i survived that's all that counts.

Natural Calamities are Hard to Deal with-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them


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