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15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 4:51 pm

So, what's the scariest thing happened to you? Before you strain your mind, and try to dig all the bad things happened to you, read the stories of these fifteen people who revealed the scariest thing happened to them. Life's mysterious. We don’t know what happens to us in the very next minute. Life's a mix of good and bad experiences. No one can escape those bad moments. We all have them. You must consider yourself lucky if you don't have a story as scary as these fifteen people. 
1.This Traumatic Experience

I was drugged and raped at a party. Got severe alcohol poisoning and was bedridden, only to go back to school to find out I was now the slut of the school.

This Traumatic Experience-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

2.He Was Lucky There

Got up in the middle of the night. Walked to the bathroom without turning any lights on then I got light headed from standing up too fast and fainted, I hit my head on the wall and heard a bang but didn't feel any pain. When I woke up, it was still dark, and I had a throbbing pain where I hit my head. I moved my hand and felt the floor was wet then felt my head, and that was wet too.
At this point, my heart was racing thinking about what damage had been done to my head, how much blood I had lost and how I was going to clean up the mess. As fast I could I got up to turn on the lights in the bathroom, looked in the mirror and there was only a small red mark where I'd hit my head. I looked over to where I was lying, turns out I pissed myself while I was out and wiped it on my face. 

He Was Lucky There-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

3.Oh Man, That Was Scary

My junior year of high school my bff was spending the night at my house. We get the great idea to walk to the 7-11 two blocks away around 11 pm in our pajamas. Well, we're walking, and all of a sudden my friend grabs my hand and tries to stop me from walking. I'm annoyed, and loudly say, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??"
I'm really glad the guy walking about a hundred feet in front of us didn't turn around because he was carrying a big old knife in his hand. We turned around and booked it home, and called the cops. Turns out the guy was planning to go stab his girlfriend.

Oh Man, That Was Scary-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

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