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Selfies That Will Make You Cringe

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 5:30 am

From past few months the selfies trend has taken an exponential craze among people around the world. From kids to mothers, From humans to animals, Everyone is fond of taking a selfie no matter what the occasion is. Here some of the craziest,unbelievable selfies ever taken, # 3 is worth
1.Selfie with water fall

Out of all the selfies which i have seen, I think none of them is as dangerous as this one. Let's all pray she is fine and healthy. I seriously want to meet this woman and tell her how much I admire her courage.�?


2.Selfie on fire

No doubt selfie trend is going out of control with people taking selfie on literally any occasion.

What was she thinking when she did it? Was she waiting for the 911 or fulfilling a death wish? 


3.Selfie on top of Dubai's highest buildings

Many of you might have heard the skyscrapers present in Dubai but climbing on top of them and then taking a selfie there makes me cringe, these guys must have some real guts to do it. Let's hope they made it on land safely.


4.Selfie on Mount Everest

Thanks to digital cameras and selfie trend, Mountaineers  now have the opportunity to share their life achievements with the rest of the world in an amazing way.


5.Selfie with Christ the Redeemer

You know what's an extreme selfie? This one definitely is. You somehow manage to go on top of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro and take a perfect selfie to post on internet for everyone to see. My whole Life's objective ends here.


6.Falling from a balloon

Okay this is going out of control, Just when you are about to fall on land how can someone think of taking a selfie just to post it on internet? What is going on with this selfie trend?


7.Bungee jumping selfie

Some of you may call it crazy but this woman has some real guts to take this selfie, For a person like me jumping off from that height would be the biggest nightmare and taking a selfie on top of that? Definitely a NO! But nevertheless I have some high respect for this lady who could survive this without breaking a nerve.



8.Selfie before death

Xenia Ignatyeva(17-year old) took a selfie to impress her friends from a bridge 28 feet off but all her happiness end into disaster when she lost her balance and fall on a cable which tragically electrocuted her.

9.A Valcano? but first let me take a selfie

Have you ever been so motivated that you practically took a selfie with a valcano? well this guy sure is, with the amount of heat and boiling Lava I don't know how this guy survived it.




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