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15 Unusual And Sexy World Records

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 6:46 am

A world record is a unique feat a person or group of individuals achieve by doing something no other individual or group has done before. World records are mostly associated with sports. Publications like Guinness World Records have popularized the concept of world records. We got to say that the golden era of world records is over. The world records concept has become a subject of laughter these days that you too can achieve one by standing on a wall with one leg, smoking the most number of cigarettes! Or, wear as many underwears as possible while you are running! Jokes aside, we have fifteen unusual and sexy world records here that are worth taking a look! 

#15 Oldest Pornstar

The oldest porn star is actually a Japanese guy called Shigeo Tokuda who was born in 1934. He has now been in 250 different movies even though he turns 80 years old this year.

Oldest Pornstar-15 Unusual And Sexy World Records

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