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Real Story Behind The Woman With Three Breasts

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 8:22 am

Do you remember the lady who became the talk of the internet in 2014, when she claimed to have a third breast surgically implanted? The woman said she spent approximately $20,000 for the third breast. She also said she had to search for two long years to find a doctor who is willing to implant an extra breast on her chest. Meet Alisha Hessler a.k.a. Jasmine Tridevil, who shocked the world with her bizarre claim! Is her third breast a hoax or does she really have it? Why did she want to have an additional boob? This topic has all the answers! Read the shocking story of the lady with three breasts!
1.Here's the Tribreasted Lady

Jasmine Tridevil (Alisha Hessler), from Tampa, Florida, made news last year when she said she paid $20,000 to a plastic surgeon to implant the third breast between her two natural breasts. She started posting pictures like these on her social media pages. People started sharing her pictures, and in no time, her story went viral. Even the bigger media franchises featured the tribusted lady in their publications.

Here's the Tribreasted Lady-Real Story Behind The Woman With Three Breasts

2.She Is A Wannabe Pop Star

Alisha's dream is to become a pop star. She is a good singer. She made a couple of erotic music videos as well. Unfortunately for her, the music videos didn't perform well. Why would a wannabe pop star want a third breast? An extra body part looks repulsive. Was she just trying to gain some cheap publicity? Read on. 

She Is A Wannabe Pop Star-Real Story Behind The Woman With Three Breasts

3.No One Believed Her

She soon became a serious topic of discussion in many online communities. Most people didn't believe in her words. They called the third breast fake, and the entire story a hoax right away. They said no plastic surgeon in the United States could perform the surgery because of the legal restrictions. On the other hand, some people thought that the third breast was indeed a real breast implant.

No One Believed Her-Real Story Behind The Woman With Three Breasts

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