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World's Most Bizarre Statues

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 1:59 pm

1.Pig Butt

This is one of the more strange statues on the list. It appears to be a little boy who is holding up a pig, yet the pig's but is directly in his face. It almost looks like the boy is using the pig as a horn, holding it up to his face and getting ready to make some music.

2.Giant Clothespin - Philadelphia

Only a giant in Philadephia would find this clothespin useful, but it makes for a great statue that gains much attention from locals and tourists alike. Standing upside down, the giant clothespin in intricately design with great attention to detail, including the metal clip.

3.Thumbs Up - Paris France

In Paris, France we find a huge thumb statue. Odd in it's design, we can see the lines in the skin and the texture of the fingernail. Is the designer giving the city the thumbs up, or are they just obsessed with their thumb, maybe thumbsuckers as a child. We'll never know.

4.St. Wenceslas Riding dead Horse - Prague, Czech Republic

St. Wenceslas riding a dead horse in Prague, Czech Republic is a tourist attraction as it hands high above in the rafters. With the horse hanging upside down, the statue is a tad morbid, but captivating nonetheless. Visitors come and marvel at the well designed statue, that is untouchable to all.

5.Busting Through - Montmartre, Paris

If you've visited Montemarte, Paris you may have seen this statue. A tourist attraction, this guy seems to be bursting through the cement wall. But why is he in such a rush that he didn't notice the wall in front of him. A great landmark, with a design that is unique and captiviating.

6.Paparazzi - Bratislava, Slovakia

Looking so lifelike, this photographer seems to be part of the local paparazzi in Bratislava, Slovakia. For anyone in the limelight, they are all too familiar with being stalked by photographers hoping to catch a glimpse of them and capture it on film. No chance of that here, it's just a statue.

7.Headless Musician - Amsterdam

Must musicians will tell you that they lost their heads when they first fell in love with music. This classic statue with the headless musician carrying his guitar case as he walks down the street is a tourist attraction in Amsterdam, and a landmark for locals.


8.Ooops - Brussels, Belgium

This cool statue is a landmark in Brussels, Belgium. Local commuters are probably used to seeing it by now, but most tourists make a special point to check it out. The clever design of someone coming out of a manhole to trip a soldier, is solidified in the history the city.

9.Mouth To Mouth - Seoul, Korea

Kind of a strange way to secure a bench. With both its ends sitting in the mouths of these statue heads, we have to wonder what the designers were thinking and why this made sense. Found in Seoul, Korea, anybody sitting on it might feel as if they were going to be dinner soon.


10.Piss Statue - Prague, Czech Republic

We've all heard of a pissing contest, but have we ever really seen it frozen for all time in a statue? Most likely not, unless you've been to Prague, Czech Republic. This statue is out there for all to see, as they pass by and take a gander at it, wondering its meaning.

11.Lost His Head - Los Angeles, California

In California lots of people lose their heads, and this statue depicts the working man who maybe had a hard day of it. With his head stuck through the wall, it's an odd statue to encounter for Los Angelians who are walking down the street. A great design that is sure to get a chuckle.


12.Violinist - Amsterdam, Netherlands

This violinist must have been rocking the house, because he's bursting through the floor, violin and all. A great piece that tourists stop by to see in Amsterdam. These types of statues always get people talking, and this one sure does the trick. Expertly designed with great detail.


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