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24 Hottest Baseball Players' Wives

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 4:03 pm

Baseball is one of the few popular sports in the United States and Canada. Major League Baseball or MLB is one of the four top professional sports leagues in the United States. The other three are National Basketball Association, National Football League, and National Hockey League. Baseball players are among some of the richest sportspersons not only in the United States but also in the entire world. The baseball players in the US are celebrities! Baseball is not played professionally in any other country except the United States and Canada. 
When there's a lot of money involved in a sport, the players are obviously going to be rich. When the players are rich, they are only going to marry or date super hot models or pretty women! Here are 24 names, pictures, and details of hottest wives of famous baseball players! 
1.Jaime Edmondson

MLB Man: Evan Longoria is with Tampa Bay Rays and he is also with Jaime Edmondson. Lucky man! This luscious playmate is dating Evan and has been since February 2012.

2.Alejandra Tejada

Alejandra Tejada is the wife of Miguel Tejada, a professional MLB player who had played for Kansas City Royals before MLB suspended him for a drug-related violation. The couple got married in 1995. Together, they have two kids Alexa and Miguel Jr. Alejandra is a Spanish pop singer. Alejandra released her first music album "Ama" in 2007. The couple now lives in Florida where they run a chicken farm. Miguel Tejada was a highly talented baseball player, but too many controversies have destroyed his career. The former MVP filed for bankruptcy in 2015. 

3.Paige Brendel

Paige Brendel became popular in the United States and around the world after appearing on the MTV's reality show 'Are You the One?' However, many people don't know that Paige was already famous in the MLB fans community, as the hot blonde dated Toronto Blue Jays' third batsman, Brett Lawrie. She surprised Brett's fans by tweeting pictures of him sleeping with her, in her bed! The gossip goes that Brett broke up with his former girlfriend and started dating Paige almost immediately. Paige not only beautiful but also has a smart mind! She studied journalism at Arizona University. 

4.Marikym Hervieux

Marikym Hervieux is MLB player Russell Martin's girlfriend. They have been dating from a very long time. Marikym Hervieux is a genuinely hot woman, and this photo of her proves that. The French Canadian model Marikym reportedly met Martin at a nightclub. The two liked each other and decided to stay together. Russell Martin credits his recent success to his girlfriend. He says he can play well because of the moral support he has been receiving from Marikym. Answering to a question asked by a journalist, Russell Martin said the couple were not thinking about the marriage and children but were 'practicing a lot' to become parents! 

Marikym Hervieux-24 Hottest Baseball Players' Wives

Marikym Hervieux-24 Hottest Baseball Players' Wives

5.Lauren Anderson

MLB Man: Reid Brignac is with Colorado Rockies and he is also with smouldering playmate Lauren, wow is she hot or what!. The couple say they are just dating, but do have a child together.

6.Amanda McCarthy

MLB Man: Brandon McCarthy plays for Arizona Diamondbacks. This couple sure add the 'S' in 'sizzling'. This is another high-school sweethearts story, since both met at school. Later on in life they hitched up again, but this time it was to get serious and tie the knot.

7.Joanna Garcia

MLB Man: Nick Swisher plays for the Cleveland Indians and is with Joanna Garcia. Joanna is no stranger to the limelight, the two met in 2009 and are now married. Joanna has that cute outdoors look at lovely thick sexy auburn hair. We reckon she is a real catch.

Joanna Garcia-24 Hottest Baseball Players' Wives


8.Jen Lopez

MLB Man: Felipe Lopez and is a MLB Free Agent. Felipe has a cantankerous nature but it appears that he is still happily married to super hot Jen Lopez. No, not Jennifer Lopez from the block! Jen Lopez is so sexy she posed for FHM.

9.Michelle Phalen

MLB player Dan Runzler plays for San Francisco Giants and is happily married to Michelle. The couple tied the knot in 2011. Michelle Phalen was a resident of Scotts Valley, California. She received her master's in broadcast journalism from the University of Southern California. Michelle had a great career as a sports reporter. She was a sports news reporter for KSBW Action News 8 when she first met Dan Runzler. The media often rate Dan Runzler and Michelle Phalen as one of the most attractive MLB couples of all time. 


10.Dallas Latos

MLB Man: Mat Latos of Cincinnati Reds is married to the sexy and hot Dallas. This was a bit of a whirl-wind romance, since Mat and Dallas were introduced by friends and were married three months later! You go Mat!

11.Susannah Moreland

MLB Man: Mitch Moreland of the Texas Rangers is married to Susannah. The two met many years ago whilst on holiday. After not seeing each other for years they reconnected and finally got married in 2011. Susannah is surely gorgeous, pictured here on the left on her wedding day. She also has a few beauty titles under her belt and we can see why.


12.Kayla Varner

MLB Man: Bryce Harper of Washington Nationals is dating Kayla Varner. It appears that Kayla loves sports too and is a keen soccer player for Brigham Young University. They are just dating t the moment and quite rightly since they are both only 20 years old!

13.Juliana Ramirez

MLB Man: Manny Ramirez is a Free Agent and is married to Juliana. They both have two kids together and it seems the couple met in a fitness club where Juiana was working at the time. Just goes to show keeping fit has its benefits!

14.Emily Greinke

MLB Man: Zack Greinke plays for Los Angeles Dodgers and is married to Emily. They have liked each other since high-school. What is it with these high-school sweethearts and baseball players? Emily is also well known for a couple of beauty titles. She that whole hot beach girl thing going on.

15.Missy Coles

Missy Coles is a longtime girlfriend of former MLB pitcher Michael Schwimer. Schwimer played for Toronto Blue Jays. He has a very hot girlfriend named Missy Coles. Missy Coles is a celebrity in the body building circle. She is a famous fitness trainer. She won a couple of leading fitness contests. Missy Coles is from Lutz, Florida. Besides being a fitness instructor, she is also a professional model. As you can see in the photo, Missy Coles looks very hot indeed! Michael Schwimer, on the other hand, had to retire from the professional sport because of a shoulder injury. 

16.Stephenie LaGrossa

MLB Man: Kyle Kendrick, Philadelphia Phillies is married to Stephenie. Stephenie has that great sexy outdoors look that is so attractive. even staring in the series 'Survivor'. Kyle and Stephenie met at a bar and the rest is history!

17.Jalynne Dantzscher

Jalynne Dantzscher is the wife of Brandon Crawford, who plays for The San Francisco team of MLB. He is a shortstop, and he has been playing for SF Giants since 2011. The couple met each other during their freshman years and started dating soon after. The couple got married in November 2011.  They are proud parents of two girls and one boy. 
Jalynne is a UCLA gymnast. She has two twin sisters. One of the Jalynne twin sisters, Jamie Dantzscher, is an Olympic gymnast. She won a bronze medal for the United States in 2000. All the three sisters are professional gymnasts, with Jamie being the best of the three. 

Jalynne Dantzscher-24 Hottest Baseball Players' Wives

Jalynne Dantzscher-24 Hottest Baseball Players' Wives

18.Julianna Zobrist

MLB Man: Ben Zobrist, Tampa Bay Rays is married to lovely Julianna. Julianna is well known as a singer mostly for Christian songs. The happy couple have two kids together. Don't you think they look similar when they smile?

19.Heidi Hamels

MLB Man: Cole Hamels plays for Philadelphia Phillies and is with Heidi Hamels. The stunning and fit couple are married with three kids.

20.Danyll Gammon

Danyll Gammon is the wife of famous MLB player Troy Tulowitzki. Troy's nickname is Tulo, and he is currently playing for Toronto Blue Jays. He played for Colorado Rockies between the years 2006 and 2015. At $60 million net worth, he is one of the richest MLB players.
Danyll Gammon is his high school sweetheart! They both went to Freemont High School in Sunnyvale, California. He married her in 2009. The couple became happy parents in 2014, as Danyll Gammon gave birth to a baby boy. 
Danyll was a standout basket player in high school. Their love for the sport is what made them friends. Troy says he love his wife so much because she is one of the very few people who stood by him when he had nothing except the love for the sport. He also attributes much of his success to his wife Danyll Gammon. 

Danyll Gammon-24 Hottest Baseball Players' Wives

Danyll Gammon-24 Hottest Baseball Players' Wives

Danyll Gammon-24 Hottest Baseball Players' Wives

Danyll Gammon-24 Hottest Baseball Players' Wives

Danyll Gammon-24 Hottest Baseball Players' Wives

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21.Misty May Treanor

MLB Man: Matt Treanor is a MLB Free Agent and met his wife Misty at a sports therapy hang out. They have been together ever since. They both clearly have loads in common, Misty also is a sports fanatic and is an Olympic Volleyball player.

22.Savannah Sweetland.

MLB Man: Hunter Pence plays for San Francisco Giants and is with Savannah Sweetland. Even her name is gorgeous! Currently they are just dating, but it seems that it is serious since they do live together.

23.Leigh Williams

The New York Yankees first batsman Mark Teixeria has a beautiful wife, Leigh Williams. The couple met each other while they were studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Mark Teixeria married Leigh Williams in 2002. He married her when he was just a 22-year-old guy! He witnessed substantial growth in his sporting career ever since he married Leigh Williams. The couple has three children named Jack Jordan, William Charles, and Addison Leigh. Leigh Williams has a small, cute and beautiful family. Mark's $65 million net worth helps the family to stay happy and lead a comfortable life in the years ahead.

24.Leslee Holliday

Meet Leslee Holliday, the pretty wife of MLB player Matt Holliday. Matt is now playing for St. Louis Cardinals as left fielder. Leslee Holliday met her husband in 1998. Surprisingly, the couple met each other on a blind date! What is more surprising is that they were engaged in 1999, and married in 2000. Matt Holliday was just 20 years old when he married Leslee! The happy couple has three sons Jackson, Ethan, Reed and one daughter named Gracyn. Matt Holliday is one of the richest MLB players with a net worth of $60 million. 

Leslee Holliday-24 Hottest Baseball Players' Wives

Leslee Holliday-24 Hottest Baseball Players' Wives


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