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24 Best Jessica Nigri Cosplays Ever

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 8:31 am

Jessica Nigri shows us how to turn our hobby into a passion, and make a living out of it! Perhaps many of you know who Jessica Nigri is. In case if you are not sure who she is, Jessica Nigri is a cosplay celebrity, model, and spokesperson of many comic book series, video game franchises and entertainment companies. Nigri started cosplaying in 2009. At San Diego Comic-Con International (2009), she stunned everyone with her sexy Pikachu costume. Her cosplay went viral on the internet, and she became a celebrity overnight! Many top companies like Microsoft, Warner Bros, Ubisoft, etc. have been hiring Jessica Nigri to be their model and spokesperson. Here are 24 best Jessica Nigri cosplays that are too beautiful! 
1.Juliet Maid Outfit

Well this is something that you cannot fail but like looking at and admiring because this is one cute outfit and we should be thankful that she decided to go and copy this particular outfit. To say that she suits it is an absolute understatement.


Well this comes across as a summer cosplay outfit if there is such a thing because it does tend to reveal quite a lot as you can see here. No wonder she is beaming from ear to ear though because she will certainly turn heads in this outfit.


Well this one is certainly very different and there is no doubt that your eyes will be darting over the entire image as you try to absorb what it is that you see before you. Even though it looks like something you would wear to a fancy dress party it is still a great outfit.

4.Rainbow Dash

There is just something quite fun and funky about Rainbow Dash and she has captured that feeling with her own slant on things. You can tell that she enjoyed doing this one and can you blame her for that?

5.Lady Joker

Well when she dresses up as the Joker you do change your opinion on the entire character. She makes something that is supposed to be creepy look quite sexy, but then that is something that she certainly excels at.

6.Samus Aran

Forget the fact that part of it looks like a Playboy bunny and focus on comparing her to the original character and see how close to it she has got. You have to really admire the way that she pays attention to even the smallest of details.

7.Marika Katou

There is no doubt that she does look like the character, but then that is the entire point of it all isn't it? Is this not one of the best pirates you have ever seen in your life? It is certainly right up there with Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.


8.Blood Elf

If you have not heard of the "Blood Elf" character, we assume you have not played "World of Warcraft" before. Blood Elves are among the few playable characters of the game. If you are interested in knowing how a Blood Elf looks like, just see the Jessica Nigri's costume in the photo. The costume is an exact copy of the character. She wore the Blood Elf costume in 2015 Festigame (event) in Chile. She did not wear the outfit for too long as some guests annoyed her with their sexist remarks. She spent the rest of the day wearing jeans and a hoodie!


There are several characters from SkullGirls, but this is certainly one of the best outfits that you are going to see. Even the saw is over the top with regards to the size of it, but that just adds to the impact of the outfit.


10.Super Sonico

There is just something so sweet and innocent about her when she has copied this particular character. In some photographs you would think that she was just a doll rather than a human being.


Catwoman is one of the sexiest female DC Comics characters. The Catwoman's character is mysterious. We can't call her a female superhero. She is not a villain too. Most of us know Catwoman as Batman's love interest. The character shows both good and bad traits. Jessica Nigri cosplayed Catwoman character at 2010 LoneStar Comic Con. She looks stunning in the costume. We must admit that she looks much better than Halle Berry, who played the "Catwoman" role in the 2004 movie of the same name. Guess what! Nigri's Catwoman cosplay pictures went viral on the internet and helped her grab the attention of the big companies in the gaming and entertainment domain.



Zelda has been around for years and has a special place in the heart of people that love video games. However, if they are the ultimate geeks, then they are going to have problems concentrating thanks to how hot she looked as the character.


Yep you guessed it this is the female version of Iron Man and it does look sexier than the original. Perhaps it is the small shorts that does it or the fact that she does have a fantastically toned body.

14.Morrigan Yukata

Yes this does have a Japanese theme to it and even though she has not made her face powder white you cannot help but still love her outfit. She seems to be capable of producing virtually anything from video games or the world of anime and that is a real talent.


How many guys have had a dream about Supergirl as a kid? Probably quite a lot, but she did not look as hot as Jessica does here and that is probably a good thing for when you are still young. However, us adults can enjoy it all we want.

16.Gears of War

Gears of War is brutal, but it is cool to see that she is still getting into the way of things and, once again, has paid attention to all of the detail of the outfit. The only problem is that if the character was like her, then the game would no longer be as violent as it currently is.

17.Little Red Riding Hood

If the character did indeed look like this, then we would want to be the big bad wolf. She looks hot while still managing to kind of stick to the traditions of the character although the stockings do kind of go against it.


Everybody loves Pikachu, but you will love them even more thanks to the way in which she has dressed up here. The color yellow just suits her so well and it is no surprise that this is the outfit that launched her career.


If we have to pick two best Pok√©mon, Charizard will be one of them! The queen of cosplay, Jessica Nigri, cosplayed famous Charizard a few years back. She looks gorgeous in the costume; isn't she? According to her fans, this costume is one of the best costumes she has ever worn. The color combination of the outfit is fantastic. We agree that she does not look anywhere closer to the actual Charizard character, but that is how she really cosplays. She picks a character as a theme, and makes a sexy costume. She never tries to look similar to the character she chooses. 

20.Lollipop Chainsaw

Come on as soon as you heard the name you did not imagine that she would be looking like this did you? The lollipop undoubtedly makes a difference to the entire look although she still looks hot without it.

21.Harley Quinn

One of the best things about her is her eye for detail and this is the perfect example. However, she does also have this amazing ability to make something look hotter than it should be and she does it perfectly here.


You are less likely to know about Teemo unless you are a "League of Legends" player. Teemo is one of the most famous characters of the game. It is a "Yordle." It belongs to the Bandle City.  Jessica Nigri attended 2013 Anime Expo held at Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA, wearing Teemo Outfit. She represented "League of Legends" at one of the booths as their official model. Isn't she looking gorgeous? We bet many people might have flocked the "League of Legends" counter just to get a glimpse of Nigri and her beautiful costume! 

23.Assassin's Creed

If assassin's looked like this they would be more popular and she certainly looks different to the actual character on the video game. However, she looks better than you would have expected and would you mess with her with those weapons?

24.Mad Moxxi

Well as soon as you see this image you are going to change your tune on the character because there is no way that they have ever looked so good. Yes we may be used to seeing her with blond hair, but this works just as well and it does of course keep in line with the character.


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