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Best Athletes Turned Rappers

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 6:16 pm

1.Dana Barros

Dane Barros has released music both as himself as well as a combo with another NBA player Cedric Ceballos. Their music is seen as being quite grimy and rough, but it is certainly their own unique sound and when it comes to the production of it, then there is very little to complain about.

2.Allen Iverson

If Allen Iverson thinks that it can boost his ego, then he will try it and that is what has happened when it comes to music. However, he is actually quite good at rapping, which comes as a surprise to a lot of people, but after his NBA career maybe he should focus on other things rather than the music industry.

3.Louis Williams

One thing that the music industry likes about this guy is the way that he manages to just make things flow when he is rapping because they feel that he is nice and smooth in his delivery. Whether he takes it any further is certainly up to him, but the music industry would certainly be more than happy to hear from him.

4.Chris Webber

Chris Webber has had quite a good career both in sport as well as a rapper. He had some success making his own music, but it was actually as a producer of music that he has managed to make some serious in-roads. He has been behind some songs for some of the biggest artists out there including Nas.

5.Ron Artest

Well Ron Artest likes to get involved in a number of different things, so in 2010 he released a song with the help of the son of Dr. Dre. According to critics it was actually quite good with a number of people being rather surprised at what he was able to produce, but whether more comes is up for debate.

6.Marquis Daniels

One thing you should do is go and check out the videos produced by this guy when rapping because they are actually very good. He clearly has a lot of fun with it and does seem to know what he is doing, but whether he could then make a career out of it is still up for debate.

7.Iman Shumpert

A lot of music industry experts feel that this guy could actually have a great career as a rapper when he stops playing in the NBA. To the expert ear he has it all and indeed could make a lot more money in music than he will do in sport.


8.Roy Jones Jnr

He may have been one of the best boxers of all time, but he is also quite good at rapping. He has so far released several songs, but none of them have made any real impression on the charts, but then would you have the guts to tell him that he has failed at anything?

9.Jason Kidd

Believe it or not, and most people do not believe it, but Jason Kidd actually released a rap song called "What the Kidd did" and yes it was as bad as you think. Basically it was a song for an album that contained a number of stars from the NBA doing their own music and you can probably guess why the idea was never repeated again.



Shaq is actually not too bad when it comes to rapping and indeed his first album got to number 25 in the charts and became platinum in 1994. He is big, he is strong, and would you tell him he was rubbish at anything?

11.Deion Sanders

Deion is the kind of guy who is not short of confidence in his own ability and this confidence did not even take a knock when his debut album, called Prime Time, got a series of negative reviews and it only reached number 70 in the charts. He also only released one single from it and that did not even get into the charts, so sport is certainly more of his thing.


12.Master P

Yep apart from being a great rapper, Master P was also in the NBA even if he was not the type of player that had his name up in lights for his athletic prowess.


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