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Best Celebrity Trolling Photos

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 7:09 pm

1.Mr Bean is trolling

OK so Mr Bean is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but then there is some classic trolling going on here as well. It is even better due to the fact that he is just not sure what is going on and is confused at the reaction he is getting.

2.An elegant troll

Yes the smoking jacket does indeed make this an elegant troll and you can imagine him puffing away on his cigarette once it is all over and done with. Poor hobbits, they have no idea what is in store for them.

3.A truthful troll

You see this is the truthful trolling attempt since it involves them giving a cheeky answer to what is actually a pretty reasonable question. It just shows how you can turn anything around into a trolling exercise if you see fit to do so.

4.Dangerous trolling

You have to be careful with trolling because it could so easily go wrong as we see here. Yes it is all made up, but it is still quite funny even if it is slightly violent.

5.Eminem again

See here is Eminem at it again with his trolling, but then he does have the upper hand here as well. It just seems to fit in with his character so well, but of course he is also making a pretty good point.

6.Trolling in movies

It is just quite cool when they troll in movies with this being a good example from a British movie called Hot Fuzz. This did actually happen in the story and it always raises a smile because we would have all done the same in the exact same situation.

7.Royalty is even doing it

Well if even royalty is doing it, then surely that should give us all the green light for us to do the same? Yes ok this did not actually happen, but it would have been hilarious if it had.


8.Soccer players in on the act

This is a Brazilian called Kaka and even he is getting in on the act of trolling. Demi certainly does not look too impressed at the bottom after she has been told about her cheesy smile that's for sure.

9.Lady Gaga probably would troll

The thing about this is that you could easily see Lady Gaga doing some trolling for real and not just something made up online. You can imagine her getting quite catty with her main competition, but she probably would come out on top.


10.Harry Potter is at it

What is the world coming to when even Harry Potter is doing some trolling. Maybe that is why kids are very keen to do it as well today since they see one of their heroes getting in on the act?

11.Getting all Miley on him

Yeah getting all Miley on somebody is always going to end up annoying them, but then that is perfectly understandable. However, you are playing a dangerous game that could easily go too far, so you have to proceed with caution.


12.Eminem on the ball

You have to admit that there was a reasonable chance that when it came to a celebrity doing some trolling that the likes of Eminem could be involved at some point. The fact that Paris Hilton set herself up for this was just an added bonus.


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