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Bizarre Celeb Injuries

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 12:19 pm

1.Robert Pattinson

In what surely must count as the least romantic injury of all time, actor Robert Pattinson claims to have ripped the muscles of his posterior trying to lift co-star Kristen Stewart. In a revelation that probably didn't endear him to his co-star, Pattinson says the injury took place on the very first day of shooting.

2.Plaxico Burress

Being victimized by gun violence is a shockingly common occurrence for professional athletes these days. But football player Plaxico Burress found a pretty novel way to be shot. He accidentally shot himself in the leg. More embarrassing yet, Burress would later be arrested for criminal possession of a handgun.

3.Cal Ripken Jr

Nicknamed The Iron Man, Cal Ripken Jr, held the major league baseball record for most consecutive games played. But managed somehow to get injured while taking a team photo. Ripken was accidentally hit in the nose by teammate Roberto Hernandez. He kept playing in spite of the bizarre photography-related injury.

4.Jon Cryer

Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer injured himself falling off his bike competing in a triathlon. Cryer badly bruised his arm and possibly his ego with the realization that the injury could have been avoided by simply not falling off of his bike.


Singer Beyonce suffered an onstage mishap when she managed to get her blonde locks caught in the blades of one her biggest fans. After the strange hair-related injury, Beyonce bravely soldiered on, adding "gravity can't begin to pull me out of the fan again."

6.MIchelle Trachtenberg

Some stars are apparently so clumsy that even the simple act of handling a glass vase is likely to result in a trip to the ER. This was the case for actress MIchelle Trachtenberg. The Gossip Girl star later added "The word klutz doesn't even begin to cut it."

7.Demi Lovato

Singer Demi Lovato injured her leg in February of 2013. In a tweet soon after she revealed the source of her injury: "Never, ever, ever, ever let your roommate clean your hardwood floors with Pledge." Lovato later helpfully added "This sucks," punctuated with a frown. How cute.


8.Ben Stiller

Not many movies feature ferrets. And Ben Stiller's experience on the set of the movie Along Came Polly may help illustrate why. Stiller was bitten on the chin by the furry rodent which required rabies shots. Later in the movie he filmed a love scene with actress Jennifer Aniston. He enjoyed that more.

9.Hilary Swank

Actress Hilary Swank sustained a stripping-related injury from a scene in the movie P.S. I love you in which her character performs a strip tease. Her co-star Gerard Butler accidentally hit her in the head wounding her and putting any plans for future stripping in jeopardy.


10.Jim Cavaziezel

6. While playing the the role of Jesus Christ, actor in the movie The Passion of the Christ, actor Jim Cavaziezel was actually struck by lightening. There's no word if the actor took this as some kind of sign, but he probably figured out that filming in the pouring rain wasn't a great idea.

11.Anthony Hopkins

Oscar winning actor Anthony Hopkins fell into a freezing cold river and suffered a severe case of hypothermia while filming a moved called The Edge in 1997. He has since made a full recovery, but nearly died as a result of the injury.


12.Shia LaBeouf

Taking a self-defense class is often a good way to prevent getting hurt -- unless you manage to injure yourself in the class. This happened to actor Shia LaBeouf when he wounded his foot in kickboxing practice. If only he could find a way to defend himself against kickboxing class.

13.Margaret Hamilton

3. Ding dong, the witch is burned. While playing the iconic character of The Wicked Witch of the West, actress Margaret Hamilton suffered second and third degree burns on her hand and face when her character was making a fiery exit. She returned to work but wisely refused to do anything else with fire.

14.Zac Efron

Injuring one's hand during a fight is not unusual. Injuring one's hand during a staged fight taking place in a movie is not only unusual, but it's a pretty good sign of clumsiness. Actor Zac Efron managed to accomplish this impressive feat while filming a movie called Townies.

15.Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was injured by a pole onstage during a concert in New Zealand. She suffered a concussion as well as a bruised and swollen face.The details are not clear but it seems unlikely that the 26-year-old pop singer did anything to provoke the pole's attack.


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