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Bizarre Celebrity Selfies

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021, 7:13 pm

1.Cameron Diaz

The biggest question here is whether that is actually her foot or if it belongs to somebody else. If it belongs to her, then she is more bendy than we thought, and if it does not belong to her, then where is the rest of the person? Does she just keep a random foot with her?

2.P Diddy

OK so what is it about these famous hip hop stars and the Mona Lisa? In some ways this is even stranger than the Eminem one and you can just see the two of them standing there discussing the fine brushwork in the painting and how the light hits it.

3.Bradley Cooper & Gerard Butler

This is not the strangest of selfies you will ever see being taken, but what is strange is the location. These two movie stars decided that the Royal Box at Wimbledon was the best place. You can imagine some of the stuffier members of that club getting all uptight at a couple of ruffians such as these two.

4.Nic Cage

Do you know what makes this one bizarre? The fact that Nic Cage thought that he looked fine for a selfie because come on just look at him. He looks as if he is seriously stoned to the point where he does not need an airplane to fly as he can do a good enough job himself.


Beyonce seems like she knows how to have fun and this selfie kind of proves that. However, she must have known that it would get out there into the public domain and then everybody would be looking at her pulling her best Marlon Brando in the Godfather face?

6.Kim Kardashian

It is probably no surprise that there is a bizarre Kardashian selfie in here and here it is. The pose itself is not strange in the slightest, but you have to admit that the outfit she is wearing is what clinches it because just what on earth is going on here?

7.Serena Williams

Go on you never thought that you would see Serena Williams in a Superman costume did you? This is a bizarre selfie for a number of reasons because first it is the outfit, but more than that it has to be the pose she is striking as well. She is really getting into the whole vibe here.


8.Hillary Duff

At first glance this does look like a rather strange selfie due to the moustache, but in actual fact it is not as bizarre as you think. The moustache has of course been added later, well you would hope so, and it was all for Movember which is to raise money for prostate cancer research, so it was all for a good cause.

9.Courtney Love

Courtney Love is a rather strange and troubled person and this can perhaps be shown by this rather strange selfie. For some reason, only understood by her, she decided to turn her face white just to take a photograph. She is hardly a Japanese Geisha.


10.Justin Bieber

You can always rely on Justin Bieber to post a strange selfie and indeed the hardest part is just trying to narrow it down to one. However, putting on a gas mask and then a cap on top is strange behavior no matter what you are doing, so this one wins.

11.Harry Styles

One Direction are a massive boy band and perhaps the most popular member is Harry Styles. He is seen as a bit of a Ladies man, but clearly fame is getting too much for him here resulting in this rather strange selfie.



Yes here you have a selfie of Eminem at the Lourve in Paris looking at the Mona Lisa. That is a combination that you never thought you would see, so in this instance it is not a face he is pulling that is the bizarre thing, but the fact that he is surrounded by fine art.


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