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12 Celebrities Who Have Committed Murder

Wednesday, Mar 31, 2021, 9:09 am

Many of our celebrities have criminal past. They were arrested or sentenced in the past for breaking the law. However, most of those celebrities were not involved in serious crimes. Most celebrities usually get arrested for DUI or drug possession charges. A few of them have been accused of murder, though. Homicide is a heinous crime. The idea of killing another person itself scares the life out of many of us, but these 12 celebrities killed people despite having an elite status in the society. Understandably, most of the deaths were caused by drunk driving.  

#1 O.J. Simpson

OJ Simpson was brought up on murder charges after his wife Nicole was found dead outside their home. The trial was one of the most widely covered murder cases as was his car chase as he attempted to elude the law. He eventually got acquitted and allowed to walk free.

O.J. Simpson-12 Celebrities Who Have Committed Murder


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