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12 Celebrities You Didn't Know Have A Black Ancestry

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:27 am

White people dominate Hollywood just like how they dominate many other areas! Individuals who belong to the other racial groups keep criticizing them for "whitewashing" Hollywood. Many American producers and directors prefer white people to play even the non-white characters! Their weird casting choice fuels the backlash the Hollywood white men receive, particularly from the black community. The African-Americans may have a point or two to criticize the rich white boys, but we firmly believe that they are not aware of the 12 black celebrities disguised as whites! These stars have a black parent, but they hardly look like an African-American because of their pale skin and facial features. Nonetheless, they have a black lineage. Most of the celebs don't talk about it, though.

#4 Gabrielle Reece

Gabrielle Reece is half-black. We might need to call her black if we were to sound politically correct! Reece just looks like any other white woman. She has pale skin and light-colored eyes. Reece hardly seems like a multiracial person. Apparently, she doesn't appear to have inherited even a single feature from his black dad.  Her father Robert Eduardo Reece was an Afro-Trinidadian. Unfortunately, he died in a plane crash when Gabriella Reece was five years old. Neither she nor the black community talks about her black lineage, though!

Gabrielle Reece-12 Celebrities You Didn't Know Have A Black Ancestry



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