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15 Celebrities Who Spent Time In Prison

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 11:55 am

Did you know that many top celebrities have spent time in prison? There are some really big Hollywood names in this list. Going to prison isn't a small thing. It's a potential career and life spoiler for a common man. In fact, a common man can never think of serving time in prison. However, for some celebrities, going to prison is not a big deal. They have spent months in jail despite being the fact they were popular at that time. Here are the fifteen celebrities who went to prison. 
1.Christian Slater

Christian spent 59 days in jail out of a three month sentence in 1997 and was forced to go into rehab after it as part of his sentence. His crime was to assault his girlfriend when he was high as well as being drunk hence the rehab part. He seems to have kept himself quite clean since then, so perhaps learnt a lesson where so many other celebrities simply do not pay attention and keep doing things wrong.

Christian Slater-15 Celebrities Who Spent Time In Prison

2.Paris Hilton

Ah good old Paris, sent to prison for three days in 2007 followed by having to wear an electronic bracelet for another 40 days so as she could be monitored. She ended up in jail after having failed to stick to her probation terms linked to being in rehab and she was also caught speeding and driving without a license. You do have to think that she would have got longer if she was a normal person.

Paris Hilton-15 Celebrities Who Spent Time In Prison

3.Rip Torn

This has to be one of the funniest excuses ever given for a crime. Basically Rip was sent to prison for four days, was ordered to rehab, and has a two year suspended sentence hanging over him for breaking into a bank. He claims he thought it was his home as he was drunk, but he was also carrying a gun without having the correct permit. The idea of somebody mistaking a bank for their home is just bizarre, but then Rip is a bizarre kind of person.

Rip Torn-15 Celebrities Who Spent Time In Prison

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