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120 Famous Celebrities And Their Net Worth

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 1:53 pm

Most celebrities make a lot of money. They make millions of dollars every year. Remember, celebrities don't just become super-rich with the money they make from their movies, music or other projects. They invest their money in numerous businesses, which gives them great returns. This is why some celebrities are richer than the others. Want to know how much a celebrity makes a year? We can't clearly tell how much they make a year, but we can certainly determine how much fortune they have made to date! There is a metric called 'net worth' and we guess you already knew about it! Check this huge list of top celebrities and their net worth.

#104 David Beckham Net Worth ($350 Million)

David Beckham was one of the most famous soccer players of all time, but it is actually more to do with his endorsements and the business side of his life rather than the sport that has led to his net worth of $350 million. This guy was an absolute dream for a marketing company as his face did sell items and that is why people would pay huge sums of money for his image. Did you know David Beckham has insured his legs?

David Beckham Net Worth ($350 Million)-120 Famous Celebrities And Their Net Worth



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