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12 Celebrities Who Were Once A Porn Star

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 1:38 pm

Porn and mainstream entertainment industries are closely related. The difference between a porn star and a movie star is that you see a porn star with clothes for few hours and a movie star without clothes for a few minutes! We are just kidding. Both porn stars and mainstream actors entertain people, and they deserve our respect for whatever they do. Thanks to the internet and democratization of porn, people these days recognize porn stars as much as they acknowledge the Hollywood idols. Let's not talk about those famous porn stars, but quickly have a look at the 12 famous Hollywood celebrities who were once a Hottest Pornstar! Brace yourself to find some shocking names on the list! 
1.David Duchovny

David Duchovny, father of Madelaine West Duchovny, like Matt LeBlanc, starred in the softcore film, Red Shoes Diaries. Funny that later his career took him full circle, where he played a sex addict in the hit show, Californication. He ended up in rehab for a real life sex addition. Actors do a lot to get into the film business, and sometimes porn is a part of it.

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2.Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone started his acting career with a soft-core pornography movie. He chose to act in an adult film at a time when he was homeless and sleeping in a bus terminal in New York. He said he saw a casting notice of the porn movie "The Party at the Kitty Stud's (1970)," and contacted the producers. The producers selected him to play the male lead in the movie and paid him $200 as compensation. They didn't release the film for unknown reasons. Five years later, when Sylvester Stallone became very famous with the success of "Rocky", they renamed the movie and released it as "Italian Stallion."  Unsurprisingly, the film helped them to make a lot of money!

3.Colin Farrell

These darn Hollywood sex tapes. They come out when you least expect it, and when you really don't want the world to know the sins of your past. A thirteen minute sex tape of Colin Farrell and his girlfriend, at the time, Playboy Plamate Nicole Narain, was distributed last year, even though Farrell attempted to block it.

4.Jaimee Foxworth - Judy Winslow Family Matters

Jaimee Foxworth was a notable child actress when she played Judy Winslow's role in the TV show, Family Matters. Judy Winslow is the little sister of Laura Winslow on the show. As Steve Urkel character was gaining a lot of popularity, the show producers reduced Judy's role drastically, ultimately writing her off from the TV series permanently. Seven years later, the little Jaimee Foxworth transformed into a pornographic actress as she failed to find good roles. She had battled drug addiction and severe financial crisis before she decided to act in a porn movie. She acted in numerous adult films with a stage name, "Crave." Media covered her story extensively. 

5.Arnold Schwarzenegger

Mr. Muscle Man himself posed nude for the gay magazine, After Dark as well as the perverted Robert Mapplethorpe. Known for his bodybuilding, before he became a serious actor, Arnold wasn't afraid to blur the lines, claiming that just because he had a great body and posed for that magazine, didn't make him, or anyone else, gay.

6.Cameron Diaz

A young Cameron Diaz did some softcore porn with some S&M, at the age of 19.thinking she would be posing for some tasteful nude photos. The photographer filmed it, telling her it was just in case he missed any still shots, and then a few years later sold the film to a Russian porn company.

7.Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren began her career starring in racy films, such s Caligula, where she had little need for the costume department. While this isn't actually porn, she simulated sex while wearing no clothing. It's hard to believe that the revered actress began that way, but we all gotta start somewhere.


8.Jackie Chan

Jackie Chang admits to starring in a chinese made porn film called, All In The Family. No this doesn't have anything to do with Archie Bunker or the Meathead, Rob Reiner. This is Chan and a famous porn actress doing the nasty on screen, with Arsenio Hall cheering him on.

9.Tom Sizemore

Starring in such films as Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down and Natural Born Killers, Tom Sizemore displayed his finest acting abilities, but in another film, he showed much more. Sizemore is seen in a porn tape having sex with four Ladies of the night, and taking it up the poopshoot via a strap on.


10.Jane Fonda

There is an apparent sex tape floating around of a 48 year old Jane Fonda and her husband Ted Turner engaged in a threesome with an unknown brunette. She allegedly uses a strap on with her husband while he gives it to an aerobics instructor. While most men would prefer to have seen her in a sex tape from her Barbarella days, a sex tape is a sex tape.

11.Dustin Diamond - Screech Saved By The Bell

Screech, played by Dustin Diamonds, was one of the longest lasting characters on the hit television show "Saved By The Bell," and Diamond also starred in "Screeched: Saved By The Bell," a sex tape that he claims was accidentally released. What is he doing now? He appears at porn conventions and pushes plaster molds of his, well you know what.


12.Matt LeBlanc

Before Matt LeBlanc became famous, he starred in The Red Shoes Diaries, a soft porn film, made in the 90's. LeBlanc was quite hunky in the film and portrayed that same type of good looking, Ladies man that he would later play in the hit television show, Friends, where he played Joey Tribbiani.


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