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12 Famous Celebrities And Their Stripper Names

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 9:39 am

Did you know a lot of celebrities had worked as strippers before they became famous? They had to do that because they were in dire need of money. Since many of our celebs didn't have strong academic background and were gifted with good looks, they found no better way than being an exotic dancer to make some easy money. Stars like Courtney Love used the money they got by stripping to finance their ambitious music projects! This topic particularly discusses the stripper names celebs used while they were stripping. Go through the list, and get to know 12 Hollywood celebrities and their famous stripper names.
1.Amber Rose's Stripper Name

American rapper, model, and actress, Amber Rose, stepped into the murky world of stripping when she was just 15 years old. Rose has revealed her stripper past on numerous occasions and during a podcast, she told the listeners that she went by the name of Paris back when she was stripping. She decided to become an exotic dancer to support her family financially. Her affiliation with the adult entertainment industry helped her to meet notable people who later introduced her to the mainstream entertainment industry by offering her roles in music videos and professional modeling gigs.

Amber Rose's Stripper Name-12 Famous Celebrities And Their Stripper Names

2.Blac Chyna's Stripper Name

Everyone who knows Blac Chyna well also knows that she was a stripper. In fact, Chyna met her former boyfriend, Tyga, while she was a stripper at the famous Miami strip club, King of Diamonds. Her relationship with Tyga changed her life completely, and as you know, she is now a famous model and entrepreneur. Chyna has her own makeup brand named Lashed by Blac Chyna, which is now helping her to rake thousands of dollars every month in profit. By the way, Blac Chyna's stripper name was Dora Reene. She also went by the name Cream at the beginning of her stripper career. 

Blac Chyna's Stripper Name-12 Famous Celebrities And Their Stripper Names

3.Nene Leakes's Stripper Name

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star, Nene Leakes, once revealed that she worked as an exotic dancer when she was a 23-year-old single mom. Leakes said she called a strip club after seeing an advertisement, and according to her, the club instantly hired her even though she was entirely new to exotic dancing. Nene Leakes said she enjoyed being a strip dancer! The famous American TV personality also confirmed that she had made a lot of money, more than $1000 a day, doing exotic dances. Nene Leakes went by the name of Paris in strip club circles. 

Nene Leakes's Stripper Name-12 Famous Celebrities And Their Stripper Names

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