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12 Celebrities Who Took An Oath To Remain Virgin Until Marriage

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 6:32 am

These 12 celebrities wanted to wait until they get married to have sex. The female celebs wanted to save their "sacred cherries" carefully so their husbands could happily pop them on the wedding night! The stars planned to bestow their virginity to their married partners. What's more surprising is that there are a few male celebrities as well who wanted to remain "pure" until their marriage! Now the question is; did they really manage to save their virginity? What happened to the 12 celebs who once said NO to sex until their wedding? Scroll down to find out more! Brace yourself to find some shocking names!

#4 Jessica Simpson

Former Leonardo Di Caprio's girlfriend Jessica Simpson is another celebrity starlet who wore a purity ring since she was twelve. She claims she was true to her promise and waited for her wedding night in 2002, when she married Nick Lachey. This makes him the first one to pop her cherry, but they have since divorced and Jessica is remarried. Fun Fact: Jessica Simpson doesn't brush her teeth everyday!

Jessica Simpson-12 Celebrities Who Took An Oath To Remain Virgin Until Marriage


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