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Celebrities Who Don't Drink At All

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 8:33 am

Drinking is harmful for your health as we all know. If you are an alcohol addict, you can quit alcohol fairly easy compared to celebs as they have to deal with alcohol all the time on movie sets and even while shooting. But if you are determined nothing can stop you from achieving your goals, Here are 12 celebs whose determination and will power kept them sober for decades now.
1.Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe has been sober for twenty three years and reportedly liked rehab. The pretty boy who skated into our hearts in Youngblood, liked to party. Being able to take control and change his life's path has kept him around and still going strong as an actor. Lowe is a respected part of the television and film industry.

Rob Lowe-Celebrities Who Don't Drink At All

2.Blake Lively

Unlike other stories of celebrities who don't drink because they once abused alcohol, Blake Lively just doesn't desire alcohol, and never really has. It's refreshing to see a young starlet who doesn't need drugs and alcohol to survive in Hollywood. She has a great career and is a happy and content person with a great future.

Blake Lively-Celebrities Who Don't Drink At All

3.Bradley Cooper

Sober since the age of twenty nine, Bradley Cooper realized that if he kept on his path he would ruin his life. Now clean and sober, he thinks back to a time when his life was spiraling out of control. Able to gain the control back, Cooper doesn't touch alcohol anymore.

Bradley Cooper-Celebrities Who Don't Drink At All

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